Miranda Kerr Likes Isdin Zinc Oxide Tinted Mineral Sunscreen

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When it comes to celebrities and models with their own skincare lines, reading their beauty routines can be a bit anticlimactic. Sure, they’re going to represent the products they’ve worked hard on, and I don’t blame them – but looking through the interviews model Miranda Kerr gave to promote her latest creation Kora Organics, an outlier she mentioned caught my eye: A sunscreen that I’ve heard countless dermatologists say is the formula to beat.

As Kerr revealed Charm, Isdin’s tinted SPF is its current benchmark. “I use Isdin for sunscreen, there is one that has a bit of tint. I like its blanket, although I don’t know if it’s certified organic, ”she explained.

Considering the number of times skin experts have approved Range of sunscreens in weightlessness Isdin, Kerr’s love for the brand makes sense. My favorite Dermatologist in New York, Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, stores the mark in her waiting room, and one of Seattle’s top dermatologists, Dr. Heather Rogers Ashbach, recommended it to me last summer (and given her Instagram handle is @SPFlady, you know it’s legitimate).

All this to say that Isdin is the answer to all the reservations you may still have about the daily use of SPF. I get it – so many sunscreens leave your ghostly oily or white skin, contain ingredients that are absolutely not good for the environment, and come with that classic scent that doesn’t work anywhere except at the beach.

Go on like silk and feels so good, ”writes one shopper of sunscreen, and another says it mixes like a moisturizer on their face, able to easily attack flaking skin. More and more people praise the brilliant shade of the formula, which gives a dew, white finish without cast iron that feels weightless and looks almost invisible, but still provides enough coverage to skip the foundation. And while Kerr’s favorite formula is clearly appreciated, the brand untinted version of sunscreen is arguably the crowd favorite with 1,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

Runner with history of precancerous skin growth says dermatologist recommended formula to avoid more of the same, and thanks to the expert ingredients, you get more than your money’s worth. “My spots are actually fading! I thought I was imagining things until my husband agreed, ”wrote one shopper of SPF’s added effect on dark marks. People with actinic keratosis similarly say the formula provided the unexpected benefit of shrinking their big brown spots, and people with super sensitive skin, rosacea, and lupus also attest that this is the best sunscreen they’ve ever tried.

“My doctor recommended this stuff as the best there isWrote another review. “He says it not only blocks the sun, but also heals damaged cells.” In the words of a recent buyer: “This product is absolutely the best facial sunscreen I have ever used. Not greasy. You will be amazed. Prepare for the coming summer days with a bottle for yourself.

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