New acne cream approved by FDA and dermatologist approved

On July 28, Twyneo Cream, a unique combination of tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide (BPO), was approved by the FDA for the treatment of acne, and a dermatologist claims it works considerably better than the two ingredients. main only. .

The cream, which was developed by Sol-Gel Technologies, has been approved for adults and children nine years and older. This approval was based on data from two different phase three clinical trials in which the drug has shown efficacy against acne in patients of this age group.

“Based on the observed clinical data, we believe Twyneo has the potential to change the therapeutic landscape for tens of millions of acne vulgaris patients,” says Sol-Gel co-founder and CEO Alon Seri-Levy, PhD according to a release. Currently in partnership with the pharmaceutical company Galderma for marketing in the United States, Sol-Gel will have the possibility of recovering the marketing rights five years after the start of this partnership.

According to Spokane, dermatologist Wm. Philip Werschler, MD, what makes Twyneo different is “microencapsulation of the two basic products in protective “shells” derived from silica. TIt does two things: First, it allows tretinoin and BPO to be packaged together, which is a unique scenario because BPO is a reactive product that can degrade other ingredients. Second, the slow release of both products helps minimize irritation during use. Dr Werschler, who was a clinical researcher for the FDA’s Twyneo trials, also explains why these ingredients work well together if formulated correctly: “BPO and tretinoin act on different pathways in the genesis of acne. Thus, there is a synergy when used together that goes beyond their individual use.

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