Nurse plagued by acne breakouts for seven years heals skin with £18 fake tan

A nurse plagued by acne breakouts for seven years has finally cured her skin problem after she came across an £18 fake tan. Feeling like she had already tried everything to lighten her complexion, Emma Young, 23, was skeptical when she read reviews online that said self-tanner lightened spotty skin.

But after seeing instant results, she can’t live without it. Emma said: “I didn’t expect this to work for me as I had tried every skincare product under the sun and nothing would help my sore red skin.”

The pediatric nurse had suffered from acne since she was a teenager. “My skin got so bad that I ended up going to the doctor when I was 14 and was put on antibiotics and steroid cream for the next five years, but they made my skin dry and haven’t done much to get rid of the acne,” she explained.

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“And I never used to tan my face with self-tanner because it always caused breakouts, which put me off self-tanners.” Emma, ​​who would never leave the house without her full makeup on, wouldn’t even go bareback in front of her boyfriend of eight, Bradley, 24, who she lives with in Glasgow.

“I used to worry about not having so much makeup around him,” she said. “I was afraid of being judged for my skin.

“I didn’t let him see me without makeup at first. Eventually I did, but it definitely made me embarrassed.

Emma says her acne affected her confidence

Then, in 2020, when she was 21 and in her second year at Glasgow Caledonian University to study nursing, Emma heard friends talking about utan x Jamie Genevieve CBD Tanning Water. She said: “I thought I would give it a try because I had tried everything to fix the problem and at this point I had nothing to lose.”

The results took her by surprise. “I was really shocked that after just one use my skin was already clearer. Within a few uses I started to see so many improvements and after a few days my face was completely blemish free. I feel free for the first time in seven years.

Emma was put on steroid cream and antibiotics to fight acne

Now she uses it all the time, even if it means her face is always tanned. “I wouldn’t be without it,” she says. “Even the family members have said what a difference there is with my skin.

“A few of my friends commented that I seemed so much happier and brighter. Even Bradley noticed the change. He’s been so supportive through everything and I think he’s just glad I’m happier now .

Emma still gets the occasional spot, but says her skin is now much more manageable. She said: “Now for my routine I use my tan water and hydrate every night and it makes a huge difference.”

Emma’s skin is now clear for the first time

The tan water facial mist costs £18 for a 100ml bottle, which Emma says lasts her six months. She said: “I apply it daily which means my face looks more tanned than before because it’s a self-tanner, but I don’t mind it.”

Emma says the biggest difference has been with her confidence. “I’m not afraid of social events and there are often days in the week when I don’t wear makeup at work, which never would have happened before,” she said.

“Wearing masks at work would dry out my skin and definitely make it worse, but now even with masks on my skin is so much better. I also feel better with patients – I don’t feel like I have to constantly hide my skin anymore. The most important thing is that I now feel so much better about myself.

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