One Year Celebration of the Skin Connection Podcast

July marks the 1st anniversary of the launch of our first editorial podcast The skin connection. From the use of cannabinoids to artificial intelligence in dermatology, we’ve covered it all and look forward to discussing more innovative topics in the future. Read below to find out what the most popular episodes have been over the past year.

This episode shed light on controversial news from the sunscreen world with a report from Valisure, which found in a recent lab test that 78 different sunscreens and after-sun care products were contaminated with the carcinogen, benzene. potential. Click on the link above to listen to this episode.

The potential for antibiotic resistance has caused some doctors to be wary of the class of drugs when prescribing an acne treatment regimen. Christopher Bunick, MD, PhD, clears the air around antibiotic use for acne and discusses his research on narrow spectrum antibiotics.

Amir Karam, MD, facial plastic surgeon, San Diego, Calif., Explains the increasing incidence of acne associated with the use of a face mask, also known as maskne, along with prevention tips and treatment.

The aesthetics industry has experienced a massive boom during the COVID-19 pandemic for both invasive and non-invasive procedures. Amir Karam, MD, San Diego, Calif., Reveals what has caused this increase in demand for cosmetic procedures and discusses future prospects for the industry.

In this episode, Nicole Hayre, MD, FAAD, discusses her research on the link between oxytocin “the love hormone” and younger-looking skin.

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