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We love to take care of ourselves and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to take care of ourselves inside and out. Each week we’ll be asking celebrities to share their Sunday skincare routines because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

This week is all about Paige Turley, the Love Island 2020 winner who stole our hearts alongside fellow Islander and now longtime boyfriend Finn Tapp.

Paige is also an extremely talented singer and songwriter who has been quietly busy working on new material since the lockdown restrictions eased.

She said to the Heat, “I’ve worked a lot in the studios on my music, so hopefully there will be some new releases in the new year.” We can hardly WAIT.

Paige also partnered with Action for Children for their annual Christmas sweater campaign, with the proceeds from each sale going to help children in need.

Paige is chatting exclusively to talk about her favorite skincare, its manifestations, and exactly how you can help Action for Children this Christmas …

On personal care

“Now I like a day of self-care. Throughout the lockdown, every day was a day of self-care. I love a two-hour bath, for which Finn screams at me regularly because as soon as the water turns cold , I let him take a bath and run another! “

“I also love the face masks (Paige loves the Skin Republic Super Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Face Mask, £ 3.48) and Netflix and comfy pajamas are my favorite.”

On skin care favorites

Paige Turley

“Recently I got new products from Botanical Lab. I had never heard of them before, but I got some products recently and oh my god they are so good. I have acne all the time. and rashes, so I always try to use products that contain salicylic acid.

“My favorite has to be Botanical Lab’s Turmeric + Salicylic Acid Facial Cleansing Gel (£ 4.99), it’s so good.”

Does Paige have any other rash banishing tips?

“Do you know this is actually a very difficult question because people say, ‘Drink water’ and I can drink four liters and still have a breakout just the day before an event and that “is pretty boring! But I do it I think eating good food, staying hydrated and sleeping well is important. Alcohol tends to break me down and my skin never looks good after a busy weekend. “

“But when it comes to the product, I would still say anything with salicylic acid and making sure to rehydrate my skin. I like to wear an oil to sleep at night.”

Paige’s oil of choice is the ARgENTUM Twin Enhancing Infinite Star Facial Oil (£ 85).

On the fake tan

“I love Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Mousse (£ 20.60), I always get a lot of compliments every time I wear it. I’m quite lazy with it, I try to apply it every Saturday but sometimes it’s right before events and things like that. It definitely takes you some numbers on the rating scale so I should wear it more, but laziness kicks in! “

Oh, we can understand.

Be blonde

“Being blonde takes a lot of maintenance and as I get older the darker my hair gets, so the faster the roots penetrate. I actually use Goldwell products. Every time I wash my hair I use a hair mask for a few minutes in the shower and I find that really really helps. I also try not to get too hot on it on days when I’m not out or on a set. “

“My favorite is the Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair, 60Sec Treatment (£ 10), you literally have to leave it on for 60 seconds and it works wonders. You can actually feel it when you blow dry your hair afterwards, the brush just flows through it transparently. “

On the action for children

Paige Turley

Action for Children is back with its annual Christmas charity campaign and it has the support of many famous faces. This year, Paige joins Larry Lamb. Love Island’s Oliva and Alex Bown and Kaz Kamwi to help raise funds for a great cause.

“I have a young niece who is two years old and she is so funny, so talkative and she is surrounded by love and has a million and one toys. It is heartbreaking to think that children are in danger and hungry. C ‘that’s why I’m so excited to be participating this year. “

Paige is beaming at how awesome it was to meet the other celebrities this year at the Christmas sweaters photoshoot,

“Last year was one at a time because of COVID, but it was so nice to meet everyone. I met Larry Lamb and fangirled slightly. It was such a magical day.”

This isn’t Paige’s first rodeo and also helped run the campaign last year. “I supported the campaign last year and recorded a Christmas song for my YouTube and removed all the ads, giving income to Action For Children.”

Action for Children’s Secret Santa products are available for purchase at

On event

Paige Turley and Finn Tapp

“It was actually my former manager at work, who introduced me to the manifestation and the Law of Attraction. He actually bought me The Secret (£ 6.34) before entering the villa. . I read that and The Alchemist (£ 7) while I was locked out in South Africa and it made sense. I totally believe it, this is something I am experiencing. also really helped in the pandemic. “

“I also go to hot yoga every week, because just having the time to relax and slow down is really good.”

On dealing with bad days

“When I feel like I’m on one of those bad days, I just try to disconnect. I’m going to take a bath or tape a wellness film. One important thing for me is to put my phone and go, “You know what, let’s pick up tomorrow” and hopefully wake up in a better open space. Much of my work is done on my phone, so I try to put that away and de-stress. “

Rapid fire tower:

Show that you are currently binging? Theft of money.

Go to the cup of tea? Two sugars and milk, I like it quite a bit.

Must-have loungewear brand? Avenue Boux, recently.

Favorite face mask? The Skin Republic Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Sheet Mask (£ 3.49)

Take-out order? Dominoes.

Favorite candle? It sounds so boujee but Dior!

Now! No more news!

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In other news, Love Island’s Chloe Burrows has her own affordable skin care secret for glowing skin and that’s Weleda Skin Food.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the star shared her go-to intro, “Mary Bedford]actually got me in the know on Love Island. It’s the[WeledaSkinFood(£9)andit’sreallyawesome”[WeledaSkinFood(£9)andit’sbloodybrilliant”[WeledaSkinFood(9£)etc’estvraimentgénial”[WeledaSkinFood(£9)andit’sbloodybrilliant”

Weleda Skin Food is a multi-purpose skin cream that is probably beauty’s worst-kept secret.

Mary previously discussed how all of the makeup artists at Boohoo would use it on her as a shine primer before the shoots.

Discover Weleda Skin Food, here.

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