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I am no stranger to rashes. As a teenager I was dealing with acne so pesky that I had to use countless bottles of Proactiv, but not so bad that I ever needed Accutane. Using a judicious combination of light moisturizers, cleansing gels, and birth control pills, it finally cleared up by the time I went to college seven years ago. After that I thought the worst of my acne was behind me. Then we started to wear masks.

Even though fully vaccinated people wear masks less often these days, there are many scenarios that still require them, so the accessory seems like the one we’re going to be sliding on for awhile. Anyone who has put on a mask knows that it doesn’t take a lot of wear and tear to cause a pimple: the friction caused by the material rubbing against the skin, combined with the sweat and dirt trapped underneath, can irritate and clog the pimples. pores fairly quickly. As soon as the first mask-induced pimple appeared on my chin, I knew many more were bound to appear. This was back when a lot of restrictions were still in place, and we weren’t leaving the house so much (unmasked), so I took the time to treat my maskne with pimple patches, gel formulated with salicylic acid and pore cleansing clay masks. The routine was efficient but not really fast. Patience, I remember from my high school years, can be the key to acne treatment. But as leaving the house without a mask has become more common for vaccinated people like me, I wanted a more immediate solution.

It was around this time that I rediscovered a cleaner that I received earlier this spring but put away as I prepared to move into a new apartment. When the Peace Out brand wrote to me to test the product, I recognized its name on the boxes of pimple patches I buy every few months. I kept buying these patches because I saw results which made me think the cleanser (called blemish balm) might be just as effective if I ever needed more than one spot treatment for acne. Although my skin is acne prone, it is more combination than just oily. In addition to salicylic acid, the anti-blemish balm formula includes hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and glycerin – all ingredients dermatologists say are good for those looking to treat skin with it. dry and oily spots.

Peace Out Anti-Blemish Cleansing Balm

When I first applied it the balm was grainy, but in a way that penetrates well into your pores. From the first use, I learned that a teaspoon about the size of a penny would be all I needed to cover my entire face. After washing it this first time, my skin was neither bare nor perfectly clean. Instead, I felt a little plump, which I suspected was due to the hyaluronic acid which satiated my dry cheeks while the other ingredients in the balm acted on my acne riddled T-zone. The next morning my acne was drier, but my skin didn’t look that different. Patience, I thought. Six days later, after using the balm once a day in the evening, there was no trace of my mask.

I’ve been using it every night for over a month now and my skin looks better than ever – clear, even, luminous and smooth. I was so impressed with the results that I even asked my boyfriend to try the cleanser. He has eczema-prone skin that also flares up quite often because he has to wear a mask at his office. Much to our surprise (and delight) it didn’t irritate his sensitive skin, but it did give him a brighter complexion and cleared up the few pimples he had around his T-zone. it’s always awkward to leave the house with the bottom half of my face visible, but now I know those I catch looking at aren’t looking at my pimples.

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