Perfect Corp extends AI/VR beyond skincare

In 2022, it’s hard to imagine a beauty market without AI/VR. These high-tech tools help brands connect with customers anywhere, anytime (especially during the pandemic) and present offers and sell products through unique experiences. As a leading supplier, Perfect Corp has been at the forefront of the category, bringing these experiences across beauty products, from color to hair care. But more recently, brands are leveraging AR/VR beyond lipstick and hair dye in areas like skincare.

The company recently rang the bell on the New York Stock Exchange on October 31 to mark its debut as a publicly traded company. Perfect Corp has expanded its offering for healthcare professionals and confirmed HIPAA compliance for its AI Skin Analysis tool, which provides dermatologists with a way to analyze skin and identify up to 14 major skin issues such as wrinkles , redness, skin firmness, radiance and acne. Additionally, Perfect Corp has partnered with Dr. Steven Feldman, Professor of Dermatology, Pathology, and Public Health Sciences at Wake Forest School of Medicine, to further explore how AI skin technology can specifically benefit to dermatology.

Happi spoke with Wayne Liu, Director of Growth at Perfect Corp. to learn more about his work in the dermatological field of skin care.

HAPPI: Tell us about how Perfect Corp’s technologies and expertise can be used in innovative ways in the field of dermatology?

Wayne Liu

Liu: Perfect Corp’s AI-powered skin technology solutions. analyze and detect up to 14 common skin concerns to help consumers take a more proactive approach to their skin health journey. The personalized experience also provides users with tailored product recommendations to address relevant skincare concerns. Instant Results provides a skin diary entry that provides easy-to-read skin health tracking metrics so users can regularly monitor and measure their skin health progress over time. These innovations will reshape the consumer skincare journey by enabling skincare professionals to build consumer trust and build more trusted relationships through engaging and personalized experiences. The ease of use and effectiveness associated with AI Skin Tech solutions from Perfect Corp. have a positive impact for businesses and consumers.

HAPPI: Is it something that would be used by a doctor in his daily practice? How would they incorporate that? And what about expanding access to dermatology where access to professional treatments is not as readily available?

Liu: Yes, the convenience and precision of this tool makes it easy for consumers to use and monitor on a daily basis and can certainly be integrated into the daily practices of skincare professionals. Professionals can use this technology as a tool to educate consumers and acts as a conversation starter that ultimately helps consumers make more informed decisions about their skin health journey.

HAPPI: And what about expanding access to dermatology where access to professional treatments is not as readily available?

Liu: AI Skin Analysis software provides medical spas and their clients with an easy-to-use, accurate, and fast solution for tracking skin concerns and overall skin health. This precise and practical tool is easily accessible via a tablet, making technology easily accessible and user-friendly from anywhere.

HAPPI: One problem with dermatology is compliance. If a patient does not adhere to a prescribed regimen, results may be less than expected. How can your technology improve compliance?

Liu: Perfect Corp technology. AI Skin Analysis provides reference visuals to track skin health progress, encouraging users to be more proactive in their skin health routine. Perfect Corp technology. also allows users to instantly track their skin health results and measure them over time. For many users, seeing this progress and improvement in wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes creates a more fun and engaging experience that continues to motivate them to commit to their skincare routine.

HAPPI: Another area I wonder about is skin tone/color and Fitzpatrick types. Is this something that Perfect Corp has considered in its AI skin analysis technologies and medical/dermatology applications?

Liu: Sure. Our AI skin analysis provides a fully inclusive skin diagnostic experience that aims to gain better insight into each user’s skin, regardless of skin type and ethnicity. The advanced technology is trained to detect a full range of skin tones.

HAPPI: Can you share any details about your work with Dr. Feldman from Wake Forest?

Liu: The AI ​​Skin Diagnostic solution from Perfect Corp. dramatically improves the consumer skincare experience and provides skincare professionals with a fast, accurate and economical way to treat patients. In a recent study from Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Perfect Corp. proven to provide skin analysis results 20 times faster than hardware devices commonly used in medical spas.

The report confirmed that skin ratings generated by Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology. were strongly correlated with skin assessments by physicians, indicating high accuracy when identifying skin problems in the clinical setting.

The report, published in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment, confirms that Perfect Corp. achieved excellent test-retest reliability (95%) assessed with intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) and Cronbach’s alpha measure of internal consistency. The study observed the software’s results when analyzing patients with a variety of skin tones, skin types, ages, and genders, as well as skin in various lighting and background conditions. planes. The results were very consistent and accurate, identifying the same key skin issues with each scan.

HAPPI: Perfect Corp is digging into various areas where AI/VR technology can help brands. What about well-being? Can you talk about any areas or opportunities in this space where AI/VR could be deployed?

Liu: The sky is the limit for Perfect Corp. We have had great success with the expansion of our AI and AR solutions into the beauty, fashion, men’s grooming and accessories categories and while there is still a long way to go, we continue to innovate and react to market needs and demands. We will continue to develop our commercial and service offerings to amplify the consumer shopping experience in new verticals.

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