#PrideMonth: Top 5 LGBTQ-Owned Beauty Brands Around the World

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Every year, from the beginning of June, companies start to pull out all the stops with their “Pride Month Campaigns” so that they can reinstall their sense of liberalism in the minds of Internet users. Some of them are so well written and designed that they get all the love and stares. But is that the goal of Pride Month? Certainly not. Although awareness continues to be a prerequisite, we should already have taken the next steps. It is extremely important to let the LGBTQ community speak out, for themselves, by themselves. After all, the final destination normalizes their being just as much, doesn’t it?

Speaking of which, a great (or better) way to accept and celebrate them is to support them; unfortunately, they still badly need it. As a beauty writer, I take great pride in the fact that so many individuals in the LGBTQ community have conceptualized their love for beauty (could be hair, skin, makeup, or all of that) through their businesses. of beauty. It’s time we recognized their efforts to build a business the way we otherwise do. Here are some of the best brands around the world, owned by beauty enthusiasts from the LGBTQ community.



The brainchild of celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness, who has 5.7 million Instagram followers (courtesy of his luscious locks), JVN is your one-stop-shop for all things hair care. From pre-wash products to styling products, you’ll find it all under the JVN roof – with effectiveness and affordability being the brand’s main driving forces.

Malin + Goetz


A personal care brand like no other, Malin + Goetz is founded by Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, who have been thriving on the brand’s legacy since 2004. Curating skin, hair, body, nails and other personal care products with an approach apothecary at heart, trust the brand to offer gourmet and effective products, packaged in chic and minimalist packaging.

Unique size


The brand is the baby of social media beauty mogul Patrick Starr, who started the brand to make makeup for everyone. He also explained how he would get the blues looking for “plus size” clothing and was therefore all the more motivated to come up with makeup that was Unique size. From lip and eye products to staples, everything from the brand comes wrapped in pretty pink packaging.

beauty of flowers


Launched by superstar Drew Barrymore, who identifies as bisexual, Flower Beauty is a brand that brings you closer to functional, pigment-packed, quality makeup. The Lash Warrior Mascara, Blush Bomb Color Drops and Concealers are definitely our favorites from her line.

PS: This is also available in India.

peace outside


Peace Out, a well-known brand among Millennials and Gen Z, offers a range of products for all skin types and concerns; with a focus on acne, which is also why their pimple patches are so cult.

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