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The Project E Beauty LED Lumamask (Model PE724) is a welcome addition to the sudden explosion of home skin care tools that have hit the beauty tech market. This photon light therapy mask is for curious souls who want to see what the LED hoopla is all about without breaking the bank. This ultralight, cordless face mask – integrated eye protection goggles – offers seven colors of photon LED light to treat skin care concerns and help maximize your skin care routine for that glow higher level.

A single session of LED therapy at a salon or spa costs around $ 25 to $ 85 – and you’ll need repeat visits before you see results. Most in-home LED kits range from $ 25 to $ 350 (and I’ve seen some go up to $ 1,200), which is why the Project E Beauty LED Lumamask’s $ 80 price tag is a worthwhile expense that will give you a solid return on investment and in skin care.

Price and technical specifications of the Project E Beauty LED Lumamask

The Project E Beauty LED Lumamask (model PE724) is offered at a reasonable price of $ 80. It comes with a USB cable and a one year warranty. With 140g, this LED mask is ultra-light. It is 7 inches high and 6.3 inches wide. This model has 36 LEDs and 7 photon light therapy settings. Each lighting setting provides treatment for various skin problems.

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  • Red light (~ 630nm): Penetrates the skin approximately 8-1mm, which increases blood circulation and stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.
  • Blue light (~ 415nm): Penetrates the skin approximately 0.5mm for use optimized for the treatment of acne, rashes and sensitive oily skin. Blue light is used to treat acne by destroying acne-causing bacteria and inhibiting inflammation.
  • Green Light (~ 525nm): This setting has a calming effect and helps lighten hyperpigmentation spots that brighten skin tone. The calming effect also has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the surface of the skin. Green light can also smooth fine lines and wrinkles by helping to cleanse the natural lymphatic system of the face.

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  • Violet light (~ 390nm): improves lymphatic metabolism and microcirculation, which strengthens the protein fiber tissue and the appearance of smaller pores.
  • Cyan Light (~ 490nm): This setting provides gentle acne treatment and has a gentle stimulating effect that can help reduce skin inflammation and balance your skin texture.
  • Yellow Light (~ 590nm): Used to increase wound healing, collagen induction, skin hydration, and overall skin health.
  • White Light (~ Mix): This setting synergistically helps activate the skin’s natural renewal system to reverse the effects of aging.

This five-ounce LED mask measures 7 inches in length and 6.3 inches in width. It’s ultra-light, so you can slip it into your travel bag and turn on your LED light therapy during your hotel downtime.

Project E Beauty LED Lumamask design

The Beauty LED Lumamask, adorned with rose gold decals from ear to jaw, is reminiscent of a mask Iron Man would make for his daughter. I agree with this as it promises safe and effective LED light therapy, ensuring visible results with just 10 minutes of use per day.

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Integrated eye protection goggles help the mask stay in place when in use. The tinted eye portal allows for a vision ability, so I can catch up with the last episode of “What if …?” Or my new favorite dermatologist hero show “Dr. Mercy”. The unit is also wireless, which provides portability and convenience.

The control box is located on the left temple and houses the one-button control (to turn the device on or off and to select the desired light therapy color setting), a micro USB charging port and a charging indicator light. Thirty-six LEDs strategically populate the inside of the mask: horizontally over the forehead area and over each cheek area (in a triangular formation), maximizing coverage and skin enhancement.

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Bonus: It’s not advertised as such, but my kit included a 0.3 oz sample of Project E Beauty Aqua Collagen Gel. Thank you Project E Beauty!

Configuration of Project E Beauty LED Lumamask

Before first use, fully charge the Lumamask for 2-3 hours. Clean the mask with a soft, damp cloth. Wash and dry your face before treatment, making sure your skin is free from oils or cosmetics. Apply your favorite serum, ionic gel, essence or cream to your face and neck. Place the mask on your face and adjust the position for a comfortable fit. Turn on the mask by pressing and holding the power button on the left temple. Press the power button again to select the desired color setting.

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The LED light will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of treatment. Clean the face of the mask with a soft, damp cloth after each use. Always keep the device clean and sterilized.

Performances of Project E Beauty LED Lumamask

This face mask offers seven colors of photon LEDs and the potential to help treat a myriad of skin problems and conditions, including hyperpigmentation (which I have). It’s a nostalgic holdover from my youthful days, when summer goals were dark tan lines and peeling skin. Do not judge. I know I’m not the only one!

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Full Disclosure Here: This was the first LED light therapy mask I tried, so I read the user manual cover to cover and followed the directions scrupulously as my skin is so important to me. And I was pleasantly surprised. The design of the Project E Beauty LED Lumamask is elegant. It’s super light. The LED lights are clear and bright.

The only problem I have with the Project E Beauty LED Lumamask is its slight discomfort. Integrated eye protection goggles require more padding on the nasal bridge; I found them noticeably uncomfortable. It’s not a deal-breaker, however.

Project E Beauty LED Lumamask: What to love about it

As with any beauty tech device, consistency is key. It is also important to supplement LED light therapy with a complete and regular routine of skin care. I used the Project E Beauty LED Lumamask for two months and my skin issues and general feeling of well-being improved. My hyperpigmentation spots (which appear randomly and unexpectedly like some of my loved ones) have faded noticeably.

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When I feel stressed or need a break from a day’s work from home, I apply the LED face mask (after cleansing my skin and applying the Aqua Collagen Project E Beauty Gel) for a red or a 10 minute relaxant. green light treatment. It rejuvenates me and makes my skin beautiful. What’s not to like?

At the end of the line

Project E Beauty LED Lumamask (Model PE724) may not have all the functionality of other home LED light therapy masks on the market, but it also doesn’t have their price tag. For $ 80, you can treat your skin and mental wellness for up to ten minutes a day of safe, effective, and modern technological bliss from the comfort of your home. This beauty technology device is wireless and ultra-light, so you can relax while your skin enjoys the benefits of one of the seven wavelengths of LED light (red, blue, green, purple, cyan , yellow, white).

As mentioned, my only complaint with this LED face mask is the built-in eye protection goggles. Their comfort would be greatly improved with the addition of nose pads. The glasses are also too opaque; you can see through them, but they are not clear enough to check your email. But if you’re looking to find out what all the fuss of LED light therapy is all about and want to complement your skin care routine for optimal results, the Project E Beauty LED Lumamask (Model PE724) is the perfect place to start. .

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