Shoppers Love Kate Somerville Exfolikate Liquid Facial Scrub

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“The best product in the world for your skin. I was about to consider a facial peel and possibly Botox,” one person wrote. “At first I was skeptical that this treatment not only repairs the surface of my skin, but reduces the wrinkles around my mouth. From the first use, I was addicted. My skin looks rejuvenated. , my pores [look] considerably smaller (an unexpected benefit), and my lines have shrunk considerably, ”they continued. “I am sold for life. ”

More and more people are calling it “essential,” writing that even though they didn’t really believe the rave reviews, they took a chance and ordered the product – and saw their dark spots, their acne scars. and their fine lines disappear in three weeks. Others say they replaced their normal toner with the treatment and their skin “never looked better”; smile lines have diminished and their overall skin tone “has improved considerably”.

These stunning results are due to the gentle combination of fruit enzymes and 10 percent alpha hydroxy acids in the scrub. Unlike treatments that rely on a single AHA, the treatment uses a mixture of glycolic, malic and lactic acids for a multi-pronged approach; peptides, honey and tea extract, and another anti-aging angle with antioxidants and collagen boosters.

This glycolic acid, in particular, means you’ll see results quickly; as board-certified dermatologist Dr Tess Mauricio once said In the style, “Glycolic acid tends to provide instant exfoliation, which is one of the reasons it is so popular. The exfoliation that occurs can result in instantly brighter, fresher and smoother skin.”

So it is with the users. “I love a lot of Kate’s products, but this one is PHENOMENAL, it’s worth it and I can’t live without it,” one fan details. “In the morning, my skin is luminous, even and younger. The fine lines disappear. My acne scars and pigment spots are clearing up. I decided to give it a try and seriously, the next morning I noticed a difference. My skin is getting better and better. “

Plus, it’s quite simply the best product they’ve ever tried, and even the best $ 1,000 laser treatment they’ve had in the past. As one last enthusiast wrote, “I changed my skin. My skin has been amazing since I added it to my overnight regimen: no pimples, no wrinkles and a superb glow.”

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