Skin care is health care, says owner of Phases Skin Clinic

New to the Sudbury area, Phases Skin Clinic is working to fill a gap in the local industry.

For Jen Gates, owner of Phases Skin Clinic in Sudbury, skin care is the number one priority. Jen has always been obsessed with the beauty industry, providing makeup services to satisfied clients in the area for almost two decades.

Over the past few years, Gates’ attention has shifted to including the skin under the makeup that we wear. “Skin care is health care,” says Gates, “Everyone knows the skin is the largest organ in the body, but no one treats it the way it is. ”

New to the Sudbury area, Phases Skin Clinic is working to fill a gap in the local industry. “We had dermatologists and day spas, but nothing really in between,” says Gates. “This is where I wanted to slip in. We are not a day spa and we are not a doctor’s office. “

Doctor’s offices can be intimidating at times, explains Gates, who wants to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for his clients. Some may not even need a dermatologist for their skin problem and just want some skin care help and education. “We’re really focused on educating our clients on why they use the skin care they use and helping them understand how their treatments will work for them. “

Phases Skin Clinic offers its clients several services. The following services are on the recommendation of the clinic based on the client’s level of experience with the treatments. “It’s a progression from the softest to the most intense. We are not going to get into microneedling if you haven’t had a proper home care routine or have had no clinic treatments before. “

“Anyone with any condition, if I can treat it, a facial is great for absolutely everyone,” says Gates. Clients may receive facials based on their skin concerns, such as acne treatments, exfoliation, or the desire for smoother looking skin. For best results, monthly maintenance is recommended.

An “amplified” version of a facial, says Gates, “Dermaplaning is a form of physical exfoliation and hair removal that uses a medical-grade scalpel to remove peach fuzz from your face and exfoliate dead skin. of the surface of the face. “The treatment is ideal for helping you absorb your products better,” makes your makeup look amazing “and results in a smoother, brighter and more radiant complexion.” Only the most sensitive skin can be sensitive to it, but it is indicated to almost everyone and can help with many skin conditions. ”

“Hydrafacial is actually a brand name and it’s a very unique treatment. It’s often called the filter or red carpet facial because it “leaves the skin really hydrated, glowing, smooth and luminous.” It’s perfect for a big event you might have like a wedding or a Christmas party, ”says Gates. Almost any skin type can withstand a Hydrafacial, adds Gates.

Chemical peels are something people are often afraid of, says Gates, but “you’re not going to burn your face or get lost all over the place.” The treatment uses a high concentration of acids or enzymes that accelerate the exfoliation of the skin by triggering the body’s natural wound healing process to reveal new skin underneath. “It’s the number one treatment for acne, pigmentation and sun damage. ”

“Microneedling or collagen induction therapy is a reset button for the skin,” says Gates. “The device used contains many small needles which are used to create micro-wounds in the skin and trigger natural healing of the skin. In doing so, you produce more collagen. Microneedling, which is the most intense treatment available, is good for acne scars and pigmentation, fine lines, moderate wrinkles, and reduced pore size. “There is very minimal pain, as you are numb before the process. »Treatment requires 48 to 72 hours off and is best when done in a series of 3 to 6 treatments.

Gates suggests contacting Phases Skin Clinic prior to making an appointment, so they can tailor a routine and match professional products to each individual’s specific skin care needs that “meet all of their concerns.” Clients can also take home the same professional products that they get in their treatments.

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