Skin care mistakes that hurt your face, from bar soap to popping pimples

  • Many skin care mistakes come from people trying to treat their skin without proper guidance, experts say.
  • Dermatologists told Insider that some of the most common mistakes they saw in 2021 came from skincare “hacks” on social media.
  • They said people who use bar soap to clean their faces or use DIY face masks that contain harmful ingredients need to change their routine.

Skin care “hacks” like using abrasive cleansers to treat acne and the appearance of pimples in the home have left people with itchy and scarred skin in 2021, experts say.

Common skin care myths, which are trending often on social media, can negatively affect the overall health of your face, dermatologists told Insider.

They recommend that people consult experts to treat their skin conditions and use products that actually address their concerns, such as salicylic acid for acne, retinol for anti-aging, and a gentle cleanser for clean skin. .

Do not use bar soap to wash your face

Experts advise against using bar soap to clean your face because it is too abrasive.

“Bar soap for the face is too much, and the scent it contains can be irritating,” Dr. Julie Russak, a New York-based dermatologist, told Insider.

Instead of drying your skin with bar soap, dermatologists recommend a gentle cleanser that leaves your skin feeling soft. You need to touch your skin after washing and feel its texture to see if your facial cleanser is right for you or not.

“If it’s soft, then it’s fine. If not, I would consider switching,” cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Heidi Waldorf told Insider.

Using more products doesn’t automatically mean better skin

It can be tempting to buy a line of skin care products to treat your skin care concerns, but dermatologists say quality is more important than quantity.

“Less is more, your routine doesn’t have to be complicated. Trust me, your skin (and your wallet) will thank you later,” graduate esthetician Brittaney Trent told Insider.

Dr Howard Sobel, a New York City dermatologist, said Insider people should look for products that tackle multiple issues at once, such as a serum that hydrates and contains retinol to prevent aging. .

Some Ingredients in DIY Skin Care Products May Burn Skin

While the DIY face masks on TikTok are popular, it’s really important to check the ingredients.

Dr Muneeb Shah, a dermatologist with more than 10.9 million subscribers on TikTok, said Insider’s home masks containing cinnamon and ginger are “just not beneficial and can be very inflammatory.”

If you want to make a DIY mask, ask a dermatologist what they would recommend for your skin type, or search for verified dermatologists on social media who share the at-home masks they like to use.

Breaking out your pimples at home can lead to scarring, infections, and more acne

Squeezing pimples can be very satisfying, but it can actually do more harm than good to your skin.

“If you have a pimple, it’s usually walled up inside the hair follicle or other pores, so it’s like it’s locked in there,” Shah told Insider.

Because the button is locked in position, popping it can cause it to burst under the skin. According to Shah, you can create scarring, infections and even more acne in some cases if you pierce your pimples badly.

Instead, he recommends using anti-acne products like salicylic acid and retinol to keep your skin clear and prevent acne before it starts.


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