SolaWave wand for red light therapy is a celebrity favorite

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Here are a bunch of celebrity names you’d never expect to see next to each other – Lil Nas X, Nicole Kidman, Mandy Moore and Sydney Sweeney. There is, however, a common thread – a wand in fact, which unites them all – the SolaWave light therapy wand.

LED therapy is a skin enhancement technology that is relatively new to the public, but has started to become more mainstream in recent years. There are two main types: red light for anti-aging and blue light for a smoother complexion (SolaWave offers both a red and blue light option).

Besides the more affordable price, the SolaWave has an additional advantage: the small portable size of the wand. Not only does this modality allow for more precise and controlled treatment, it also doesn’t require the user to wear it all over their face (personally, a mask where bright light surrounds my retinas makes me incredibly jittery).

According to the brand, you only need to use the tool for five minutes a day to start seeing the clearing and collagen boosting results. And since it has the endorsement of several Hollywood makeup artists, you can be sure the SolaWave Wand is a worthwhile investment if you want to up your at-home skincare game to a more high-tech level.

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