Starting my business in Ghana is the best decision I’ve ever made – American Beauty Mogul

After creating fulfilling success stories in America, US and Ghana-based beauty entrepreneur and CEO of Pandas luxury barPanda Supreme is gradually invading the beauty space with its Pandas Luxury Bar.

According to her, starting her business in Ghana is one of the best decisions she has made to impact the industry.

Speaking about her entrepreneurial journey, she said, “I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I always knew I wanted to own my own business.

“I have been networking and branding for 18 years. I have prayed and asked God to guide me on my way to my goal of helping people and making a difference,” said she noted.

Along with using natural remedies, she said, “I put passion, love and care into the products because I make them from the bottom of my heart for myself and my family. My products are natural. Nothing more, no preservatives.

Panda Supreme is also a digital creator and co-founder of CEO Pryme’s EZ Street Records.

Her beauty journey began between the ages of 17 and 18 when she decided to go natural with what she eats and the products she applies to her skin and hair.

She said, “I stopped eating certain foods. Stop doing perms and dyeing my hair. The more I learned about what was actually in the products we use daily, the more aware I became of what I was putting on and into my body.

In 2013, after realizing the great effect of natural remedies on her skin and hair, she started making her own remedies,

“I had a problem with cystic acne which I developed during and after pregnancy and which lasted 2-3 years after giving birth. I healed my skin to the point where my face was clearer, more smooth and brighter than ever.”

She shared that for her second pregnancy, she was able to heal from the same cystic acne issues using her products.

According to her, her products work great on all skin and hair types. “The integrity of my products, I stand by my products. You will get 100% natural ingredients. I refuse to partner with any company that opposes this.

For growing entrepreneurs, Panda Supreme advises that while being an entrepreneur comes with freedom and beautiful moments that allow people to work on their own time and implement their own ideas, it also comes with hard work and self-confidence.

“I appreciate the freedom. But I have to push myself because there’s no set work schedule to keep to, no boss I have to answer to, so I have to push myself, I have to remember why I’m doing this. I have to remember that God has blessed me with this talent, this goal is mine to accomplish.

She went on to say that her entrepreneurial journey has been fun. “I like making the products. I like people to like my products. There are ups and downs, but I still believe in myself.

“When I get testimonials from clients saying their confidence is boosted because now they feel good about themselves going out, that keeps me going.”

She draws most of her business inspiration from her husband, CEO Pryme, a multi-millionaire business executive, whom she describes as completely business-minded and fearless.

“I have seen him succeed easily in several business ventures. He had multiple stores and he was also signed to a major music label in the United States,” she added.

He actually has his Masters in Business Administration and I turn to him for any advice and ideas I may have. When I’m not feeling so confident in my business, he picks me up with his words of encouragement. »

She added that it is important for Ghanaians and members of the Diaspora to come together to raise awareness of events in the country, hence why she and her husband are facing the ‘Africa Is Us’ movement to support the cause.

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