Superdrug launches UK’s first free street skin counseling clinic

Superdrug launches the UK’s very first free clinic for skin counseling and treatment.

The pharmacy has created a new program that aims to make skin care support more accessible and will provide support for a range of skin conditions, including acne and eczema, which are two of the most common skin problems. most common in the UK.

The clinic will operate without an appointment and will be completely free.

It will be available in all Superdrug stores with a pharmacy and those who wish to use it simply need to present their skin condition to a Superdrug pharmacist in the store.

The pharmacist will then offer advice and support as well as the best treatments for this skin condition.

The pharmacy has partnered with influencers to normalize several skin conditions and encourage conversations around them while raising awareness.

Fitness influencer and model Kalia Lai, who is part of the campaign, explained that she has struggled with her skin for years.

“Posting about my skin issues online helped me learn to see my worth for who I was, not by my appearance,” she said.

“I was fed up with hiding something that was depressing me, so if someone didn’t like them, they could just stop following.

“I sympathize with anyone who has or suffers from a skin condition, it can be a frustrating journey, but I have learned to be resilient and patient with my skin and for that I am grateful.”

Superdrug also launched the clinic alongside research which found that two-thirds of people feel embarrassed about their skin, with almost half of them losing confidence because of it.

Meanwhile, 41% of people said they felt embarrassed about their skin, while 24% had stopped socializing due to their embarrassment.

Additionally, 21% of those surveyed said their mental health had suffered because of their skin.

Caris Newson, Head of Health Services at Superdrug, says: “As our research has shown, skin conditions can unfortunately have a huge impact on an individual’s self-esteem.

“Our new service will hopefully provide people with a simple and convenient way to get professional help, advice or treatment for their skin, just by visiting their local Superdrug pharmacy.

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