The $ 72 Serum That Ultimately Helped Fade My Acne Scars

When it comes to products that claim to “fade”, “lighten” or reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and acne scars, I can’t help but remain skeptical. As a beauty writer treated with acne for over a decade, I have seen and coated everything; from over-the-counter topicals at the drugstore to very expensive luxury brand peels, advanced skin treatments and even a famous 3-step system backed by a celebrity who will remain anonymous. You name it, I’ve tried it in my quest for clearer skin. Although I have finally figured out my skin tone, one of the main issues I am currently facing is hyperpigmentation left over from rashes from the past. After hearing about Murad’s new fast dark spot correcting serum With everything from very impressive clinical reviews to client reviews and astounding before and after photos, you could say my interest was more than piqued. Join me below to test and chronicle everything there is to know about Murad’s new product – including why the $ 72 Serum has finally gained a permanent place in my skin care routine. skin.


First impressions

A common problem with lightening serums is that they can be a little, well, intense. Murad’s serum is packed with ingredients like tranexamic and glycolic acids, but you wouldn’t know it from its sweetness. It is distributed in the form of a transparent gel and has no perceptible odor. Best of all, it was like a treat for the skin – no stinging or burning. For these reasons, I started using it before bed and then progressed to using it morning and night.

Ok, I’m 51 and have developed an age spot (sun) on my forehead. I hate it and that’s all I can see in pictures. The dermatologist said he could remove it but it would be white. Started a month ago and it’s GONE !!! Unbelievable!

Murad live review

I used a different product for almost a year. Murad Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum made more difference in 1 month than the other product made in a year. I am very happy.

Murad live review

The results

After a month, I’m already – and it’s not a #ad – blown away by the results. As well as generally waking up my skin, the darker lumps of hyperpigmentation are now (by my standards) roughly NBD. In the photo on the left, I am wearing makeup but my skin is still exposed; on the right, I’m naked – and my darker marks have faded a bit. (Apparently I only take selfies with my pup now.) While I couldn’t be happier with my skin after finishing a bottle of the Miracle Potion, here’s the not-so-amazing scoop: It sells for $ 72, but listen to me. – through all of my acne ups and downs I have only seen results like this with significantly more expensive treatments like lasers and professional facials. Plus, it lasted me about two months with twice daily use.

I’ve only seen results like this with significantly more expensive treatments like lasers and professional facials.

Karina Hoshikawa, Beauty and Wellness Editor R29

While this has become a beloved addition to my skin care arsenal – and a worthy investment, IMO – I will absolutely continue my search for products (preferably more affordable) that help show acne gently. Watch this place!

It really works, the skin has improved a lot. My face is softer, brighter, more even… it’s worth buying after trying so many other products that don’t work.

Murad live review


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