The best acne treatments when your skin just isn’t clearing up.

“In adults, women are more frequently affected and may suffer from adult acne, exacerbated by hormones that explode due to menstruation, as well as other factors. Some of these include a poor choice of products, a sensitized skin, excessive use of products and simple measures such as applying makeup in bed or using obsolete products. “

2. Make sure you give the treatments enough time to work.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there are no quick fixes when it comes to treating acne and rashes, and treatment often involves making constant and constant changes. long term to both your skin care routine and your lifestyle.

Just to give you an idea, Dr Joshi said that it usually takes around six to 10 weeks on average for topical creams and skin care regimens to work – so make sure you allow plenty of time for them. things before moving on!

“After your professional consultation and the right diagnosis and regimen are chosen for you, six to ten weeks is the time it takes for you to start seeing changes with the topical creams, skin care regimens on sale. free (OTC) and oral medications. “

“It can be faster if you use in-clinic treatments as a supplement. I call it a ‘quick start’ of the process,” she adds.

3. Examine the lifestyle factors that contribute to it.

When diagnosing your skin, your GP or dermatologist may also look at certain lifestyle factors to determine if there are other factors that may be contributing to your acne / breakouts.

Image: Getty We’re talking about things like diet, sleep, environmental factors, and emotional well-being – these stuff all play a role in the health of your skin, so it’s worth knowing exactly what you need to change. to help you on your way to clear skin.

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