The best localized treatments for punctual imperfections

It takes a button to ruin a good day. And luckily, it takes a good spot treatment to destroy a pimple.

Spot treatments are exactly what they sound like: one-time treatments that target individual pimples or blemishes as they arise; these can even include stubborn brown spots that refuse to go away as a result of a blemish.

Many acne-prone people use products that target the entire face, such as a salicylic acid cleanser or serum, or an oil-free moisturizer to prevent clogging. These people are probably more aware of how each product can clog (or unclog) pores. But for anyone with a recurring pimple – or for those acne prone who can usually keep the bigger, nastier ones at bay – every once in a while, there’s one flaw that just refuses to go silent. You can smell it underneath, simmer and steam, or wake up with it, practically ready to pop already. They are sneaky like that. And what do not devious is the open sore or active volcano they leave on your face.

This is where spot treatments come in handy. They can contain any variety of antibacterial, pore cleansing, or skin tone brightening ingredients. Below is a list of the best spot treatments, each with a unique way to fade, calm or heal blemishes. You might want to stock up on a few, given the range of faults that can appear at any time.

Best overall spot treatment: Mighty Patch hydrocolloid patches


The original

Powerful patch

$ 12.50

Familiarize yourself with the miracle of hydrocolloid patches. These are little stickers that you leave on for 6 hours or overnight (sometimes with microdarts to get deep into a cystic pimple, sometimes flat bottom to focus on whiteheads). They absorb oil and grime below the skin’s surface, and Mighty Patch sells one of the more affordable and more reliable patches in the game. They are discreet enough for daytime wear and durable enough for day or night. Simply apply it to the stain (after cleaning), and after the 6-8 hour wait you’ll have a less rabid pimple, with much of its goo now on the underside of the sticker. They’ll save you from any need for pop (and thus any week of dread / agony of the dark spots after the acne is gone).

Best One-Time Upgrade Treatment: First Aid Beauty Niacinamide Anti-Dark Spot Serum


Niacinamide Radiance Anti-Dark Spot Serum

First aid beauty

$ 42.00

This serum can be applied all over the face or can target specific dark spots and hyperpigmentation patches that just don’t want to turn around. You can accelerate this cell regeneration with the blend of smoothing niacinamide and soothing allantoin from First Aid Beauty. Both promote the production of new, healthy skin cells and, if used everywhere, this serum also promotes long-term firmness and smoothness of the skin.

Best Low Budget One-Time Treatment: Advanced Clinicals Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil

Advanced clinics

$ 10.92

The tea tree has natural antimicrobial and antifungal powers, which makes it ideal for all kinds of things, like toning the scalp, neutralizing the feet, and of course shrinking pus-filled pores. This buildup of bacteria does not match tea tree oil; it also sounds like a “fire fighting with fire” scenario, although tea tree oil is not comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores. Best of all, Advanced Clinicals Tea Tree Serum weighs 1.8 oz, almost 60% more than a standard 1 oz. jar that would charge you twice as much for the essential oil.

Malin + Goetz sulfur paste


Nighttime acne treatment

Malin + Goetz

$ 22.00

Sulfur is a common ingredient in spot treatments because it can absorb excess oil and dirt inside a pimple, and also eradicate dead skin cells that could be causing the breakout. task. And Malin + Goetz Sulfur Treatment also contains salicylic acid to further cleanse the pores and help you wake up with smoother, calmer skin. (It’s a paste of overnight lotion, by the way.)

Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Points Peace Out Skincare


Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Points

Peace Out

$ 19.00

Peace Out’s hydrocolloid stickers also deploy salicylic acid in the pores to help extract trapped sebum and dissolve dead skin cells. They use vitamin A to promote smoother skin and faster healing, as well as aloe vera to reduce redness and calm the area on contact. Wear them overnight for a miracle, or for 6-8 hours during the day, also for a miracle.

Maapilim mud mask


Facial mud mask


$ 38.00

You can turn your trusted mud or clay mask into a spot treatment, simply applying it to the emerging spot and surrounding skin. Since sludge absorbs impurities from deep within the skin, it is just as good at pulling out trapped sebum. Maapilim’s uses Dead Sea mud to stimulate circulation and soothe the skin, as well as olive oil to hydrate and nourish (don’t worry, this olive oil won’t leave you feeling greasy or obstructed, in fact, this mask does the exact opposite of that).

Mario Badescu Drying Cream


Drying cream

Mario badescu

$ 17.00

This cult product amplifies the aforementioned drying capabilities of sulfur with zinc oxide. This sinz also wipes up any excess or trapped sebum. The lotion cools, soothes and also promotes cell renewal with aloe and allantoin, while removing dead cells from the surface with citric acid, to promote smoothness and prevent future breakouts. cutaneous.

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