The best natural makeup for men 2022

It’s hard work to live in this skin suit. We know it, you know it, and the lizard people know it. Once upon a time, the boys might have rocked a night out with a little cold water and a few Four Lokos. But now that you’ve matured enough to own a bed frame, you might also be ready to upgrade your skincare routine in time for the sweaty summer months, and learn more about the best makeup products for. men designed to give your skin some pampering. – without looking like you spent an hour baking on the foundation.

Fortunately, there is a booming world of makeup products designed for men. But also… men wearing makeup are nothing new. Guys have been looking for eyeliner forever, as evidenced by our brother Tutankhamun. Somewhere through the sands of time and toxic masculinity, the practice has become so stigmatized in Western society that no bronzer could be found on the bedside table of our sneaky straight bond – as if a man doesn’t couldn’t have sound Swamp Loggers and More shiny, too, but the tides are finally changing. “Japanese brand Shiseido reported double-digit growth for one of its men’s beauty lines during the pandemic and said it was due, in part, to men wanting to improve their appearance in online meetings,” says Romano Santos in a VICE article. about the increase in the number of men wearing makeup, whether through a means of self-expression, the need to cover a few pimples or “Zoom dysmorphia.”

After all, it’s natural to want to, well, look good. “I just wanted to hide my acne a little bit when I was in my late teens and early adulthood,” Jakob Jones tells VICE about his reasoning for entering the makeup without makeup as a cis-masculine person who didn’t want anything too complicated. “[I] mostly used cover sticks, foundation and a bit of powder,” he says. “Nothing special.” And while there is certainly rad, shark tank-approved brands who have mastered the art of creating incognito men’s makeup that even Tony Soprano would take to heart (he is in therapy, after all), the best makeup for men is also the best makeup for humans that can provide a natural, healthy glow.

Mount your light ringmash up some protein powder and get ready to break down the best concealer sticks for pimples and eye bags, brow tamers, face powders, and more.

The best liquid concealers for men

If you do nothing else after cleansing and moisturizing your skin, opt for a little liquid or powder concealer to cover everything from discoloration to pimples and bags under your eyes. Liquid concealer can be applied with a squishy tool called beauty blender, or gently with your fingertip. Tom Ford Men’s Makeup is great because he meets you somewhere in between with his concealer’s tube applicator, which can camouflage everything from redness to razor nicks like a pro.

$47$39.95 at Macy’s

Next, we have the new ~minimalist~ makeup brand called Himwhose Blur Stick will “camouflag everything from blemishes to razor burn to dark circles” without clogging your pores thanks to ingredients such as aloe extract, rosehip oil and rosehip seed oil. jojoba.

$17 at Him

If we were to coax our camo-gaiter-wear Uncle Ray on the make-up side, we would do it with war paint. The men’s makeup brand offers an extensive line of beauty and skincare products designed for Men™, which includes this popular liquid foundation. “I was thinking of trying this product to conceal dark circles,” writes an Amazon reviewer named Christopher. “I’m impressed. It’s not like makeup, [it] doesn’t feel heavy and blends well with skin tone.”

$32 at Amazon

Stryx may well be one of the biggest disruptors in the beauty industry. The beauty and grooming company for men first took off on shark tankand was make waves on TikTok from. “We looked around the beauty industry and saw that men were totally ignored,” explains one of the founders of the brand. “There are [also] a huge stigma around these products, so we wanted to know, what would a concealer look like if we built it from scratch for men?“The result is a lightweight, full-coverage stick that looks like a vape pen.

$20 at Stryx

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of skin tones, and the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer has an average rating of 4.5 stars on the site. “I wish I had tried Fenty much sooner,” writes one customer. “I would have saved myself a lot of money and frustration.”

$28 at Fenty

The Best Concealer Powders for Men

Feel free to top off your concealer or foundation with a dusting of concealer powder with rounded makeup or kabuki brush, or simply apply a little concealer to your bare skin for less intense full coverage. Tom Ford’s Translucent Finishing Powder has a 4.5 star rating on Nordström for its ultra-fine formula and matte finish, and it’s on sale for 15% off.

$89$75.65 at Nordström

For men is the wackiest of men’s makeup brands, as evidenced by the studious stag on the packaging. The line’s popular translucent powder has received accolades for everything from its breezy feel to its ability to withstand even the sweatiest workouts. “I tried this at the gym and it worked too!” writes an Amazon reviewer, “I had no sweat running down my face as usual.”

$34.99 at Amazon

best bronzer for men

Of course, the guys at Stryx and War Paint have you covered in bronzer, a product that people will use to give their face a bit of color and contour. (War paint has a practical tutorial video.)

$25 at Mr Porter

$33 at Stryx

The best under eye stick for men

Not quite ready to do your makeup yet? The new chic brand Disco made a bestseller, viral tiktok pigmentation-free eye stick that uses ingredients like niacinamide and caffeine to tighten and repair discoloration in your skin. It has an average rating of 4.8 stars on the site, with one user saying, “I’ve been using this product for several months now, and it’s one of my daily staples. You don’t need a lot, just use a little in the morning and at night. Does not cause acne and works well when used with makeup products.

$34 at Disco

Fresh air, jabroni.

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