The influencer ‘The Derm Wife’ comes for your imperfections with JORI Skincare

Skincare aficionados know The Derm Wife because she made a name for herself as an influencer with a twist. She’s not just skincare – obsessed like the rest of us. Cori Zeichner also relies on her closeness to her husband, board-certified dermatologist, Joshua Zeichner, MD, to serve as her personal consultant from time to time. When it came time to formulate her own skin solution for pesky adult acne, she once again called on her expertise, because who better to help create a line of skin essentials than one. of the most trusted and often consulted acne experts in the country.


Although the brand name is the combination of the couple’s names Joshua and Cori, Dr. Zeichner notes that JORI is his wife’s vision only; it’s just the science behind the operation. Cori shares that her new skin saviors are a labor of love and were developed out of her desire to put adult acne issues front and center. She found herself dealing with her own breakouts as an adult and not knowing how to treat them or what to use. “Adults don’t think they have acne unless it’s really bad, but they do think they have breakouts. Even though it’s the same thing, there’s something in calling it or believing it’s acne that makes people not think they’re one,” she explains.

“I did a poll on my Instagram and over 500 people responded,” adds Dr. Zeichner. “About 90% of respondents were female and 10% were male, with the average demographic being between 18 and 40 years old. Two-thirds of respondents thought blemishes and breakouts were separate from acne. So, it’s so interesting that this disconnect still exists around adult acne.

Adding to the confusion is the uncertainty of what to use and what really works, Cori says, so she decided to lay the groundwork with her husband. “The two products we are launching, an Acne and Oil Control Primer ($70) and a Daily Acne Leave-In Treatment Mask ($52) meet FDA OTC requirements. for acne treatment products, meaning they contain the active ingredients known to be safe and effective. The active ingredient in the primer is salicylic acid and the active ingredient in the mask is benzoyl peroxide.

“We know that hormones, diet, and stress all impact skin, especially in adults, so we’ve gone through years of research to identify specific ingredients that address these issues,” shares Dr. Zeichner. . “Besides 2% salicylic acid, we also have a botanical blend in the primer that includes saw palmetto, omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acid, and a plant called Chinese skullcap. The mask also contains zinc and niacinamide.

When it comes to form and function, Cori designed each product to work in a busy lifestyle, for example, the primer combines an acne treatment with a long-lasting makeup prep you can wear all day long. day and the treatment mask can be worn overnight while you sleep. “The morning product was formulated as a primer, so it’s all about acne and oil control and the ingredients mattify the skin and minimize the look of shine,” Cori explains. The Overnight Mask can be layered under moisturizer or swapped every other day with your Overnight Retinol. “There’s this whole perception that acne patients have to put on more and more to dry their face, but that’s the opposite of what we want to do,” she says.

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