The Naderi Center – Retinols or retinoids: overcoming the paradox of choice

The Naderi Center is truly the most specialized and unique plastic surgery and dermatology practice in the United States.

Have you ever walked into your favorite store and taken a break from the overwhelming amount of vitamin A derivative choices in front of you? The wide array of current skin care options, while a wonderful option, can cause feelings of anxiety. In addition, some people use the words “retinol” and “retinoids” interchangeably without realizing that they are not the same.

Finding the right skin care regimen is difficult, expensive, and time consuming, and The Naderi Center is here to help you simplify your choices. Our Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Alexandra Snodgrass, explains why prescription retinoids are better than over-the-counter options or retinols.

Vitamin A derivatives help exfoliate the skin, stimulate collagen production, stimulate cell renewal, decrease sebum production and repair photodamage. Thus, these ingredients are considered to be the most effective weapons in fighting and preventing acne, including aging. However, choosing the right vitamin A derivative for your skin can be confusing which usually scares people into not using them fully. Worse yet, not using them properly.

Prescription retinoids, or tretinoin, are better than over the counter brands because they are stronger. According to Dr Snodgrass, “retinols have to go through three stages of metabolism before they are in their active form and able to exert a significant effect on the skin.” Since the retinoic acid found in prescription products is already in active form and is ready for absorption through the skin, Dr. Snodgrass “usually always recommends the prescription and rarely recommends anything else unless the patient can. tolerate it ”. For patients who cannot tolerate the prescription strength, another option would be Differin, or adapalene, which was once only prescription-only, but is now available over the counter.

According to the patient’s dermatologist’s assessment, “If they have recalcitrant (unresponsive to other therapies) or scarring acne, Accutane may be the next course of action. Isotretinoin, or Accutane, is a strong and potent drug used in the treatment of acne.

There are many over-the-counter products that are used incorrectly, including retinoids and retinols. So having a dermatologist is beneficial for everyone.

The Naderi Center is truly the most specialized and unique plastic surgery and dermatology practice in the United States.

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