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Despite the sensation around Dr. Pimple Popper (a professional dermatologist, mind you), we’ve all been told not to pop or mess up our pimples – but even celebrities like EuphoriaMaude Apatow struggles not to. Luckily for us, there’s an acne solution that keeps you from touching your pimple and helps it heal quickly in the process. With viral fame on TikTok and accolades from beauty celebrities like Mikayla Nogueira, the Original Mighty Patch is known to reduce inflammation and basically suck all the bad stuff out of your acne for faster healing time.

As someone who has had acne since my early teens, I have tried just about every acne product. Luckily, with the help of several dermatologists and acne medication in my youth (hello, Accutane!), my acne isn’t such a big deal anymore. That being said, I still get occasional breakouts and I’m a big fan of quick fixes – enter the original Mighty patch.

With over 75,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, this tiny-but-mighty patch (pun intended) works fast using hydrocolloid – an adhesive gel that absorbs excess fluid from the skin – to remove oils, pus and sebum from acne spots.

To learn more about this miracle acne solution, PEOPLE reached out to Hero Cosmetics co-founder and CEO Ju Rhyu. “I had grown up battling mild to moderate acne and had never found a good solution for my sensitive, breakout-prone skin,” she says. “There was a two-year period when I was living and working in Seoul and going through an attack of adult acne. Someone told me about the hydrocolloid acne patches that were quite commonly used in Seoul at the time. When I tried one, I was blown away by how effective it was – it soaked up all my pimple gunk, flattened my blemishes, and kept me from touching and picking my pimples,” she says.

Rhyu was amazed at how effective these patches were. “It was a far superior solution to anything I had ever used and I immediately started wondering why this amazing product wasn’t better known in the United States,” she says. “I saw a real opportunity and need for this type of solution in the acne care category – a category that hadn’t seen much innovation in a very long time. I then started looking for manufacturing partners and I worked with them on a product (now the Mighty Patch) that was the perfect hydrocolloid patch for acne.


Buy it! Original Hero Cosmetics Power Patch, $12.99;

Number of patches: 24, 36 or 72, depending on box size | skin type: All skin types (including sensitive skin!) | Duration: Results in six to eight hours | Security: Mild, non-irritating, chemical free and allergy tested

Who it’s good for: The Original Mighty Patch is an ideal solution for those with occasional acne breakouts who need to treat individual spots in a quick amount of time.

For whom it is not good: These patches might not be as effective for people with chronic acne spread over large areas of the face or body. Usually this type of acne needs to be treated with medication.


How we tested the original Mighty patch

Hero Cosmetics sent me a sample pack of 36 patches to test out this popular acne solution. I decided to use these patches for two weeks because my acne loves to surprise me at random intervals (love this trip for me!).

For best results, I have found that you should use the patch after first washing the affected area thoroughly. I tend to get acne on my face, neck and sometimes shoulders so I tried the patches on all those spots. Every time I saw a pimple forming, I applied these patches – maybe about eight times over the two weeks.

I washed my face and neck thoroughly, then applied the patch directly to the pimples. The patches are semi-translucent, so you should be able to see the bump through the patch. Since the process takes six to eight hours to work, you can simply wear it overnight without any extra effort or timing concerns. When I woke up, I checked the patch for sebaceous matter (in the form of whiteheads and discoloration) and any changes in the rash (less redness, flatness, and no whiteheads if there is had one). If the pimple was minimized significantly, I just left it alone, but if I still saw any redness or traces of whiteheads, I applied another patch. You just want to be careful if you have sensitive or dry skin because wearing too many of these patches can dry it out.

The adhesive bonds the patch to your skin to absorb grime, meaning if you choose to wear it during the day, it won’t fall off. For my neck, I tried a daytime patch several times and just put the patch on the rash after taking a shower. I didn’t strictly track how long I wore the patch, but I would estimate it was around eight hours. I looked at the same factors as the pimple on my face to decide if it worked – redness, bump elevation, and amount of material removed.


The results

As mentioned, I tried these patches several times over a span of two weeks, and each time the results varied slightly but were overall consistent. The results will really depend on your skin type. For example, I have naturally oily skin, so almost every time I’ve used them, I’ve noticed that the patches have soaked up quite a bit of oil.

With acne, all it takes is one patch to see a big difference, but with more stubborn breakouts, you might consider using two or even three patches. The morning after use I removed the patches and could see one or more white circles where it had pulled sebaceous material from the pimple. Generally acne would be visibly flatter and slightly dewy after just one use. The whiteheads were usually transferred from the bump to the patch, with a few exceptions (and in those cases I just used another patch). As you can see above, in the photo on the far left, I have a fairly large breakout; in the middle, I wear the patch (it’s quite discreet, isn’t it?); and in the photo on the far right you can see a noticeable decrease in the overall size of my button.

On my shoulders I tend to get more cystic acne (red bumps where the infection is under the skin) and with these I noticed that multiple uses of the Mighty Patch were needed to see any changes notable in redness and elevation. Overall I think these have worked well in calming and diminishing the appearance of my acne.

If you’re wondering how this product compares to others on the market, so do we. I’ve tried several other popular patches, and honestly, I’ve noticed more oil being pulled from my acne spots after using the Mighty Patch, and found my skin to be less red and irritated and the bumps were flatter the next day.


What To Look For When Using The Original Mighty Patch

Reduction of redness

There are several factors you should look for when evaluating the effectiveness of the Original Mighty Patch – the first is redness reduction. In general, hydrocolloid is known to reduce inflammation and pigmentation, so after using one of these patches you should check the color of your pimple and surrounding skin. These patches should reduce some of that color, maybe red to pink after just one use. If you notice a change in pigmentation around your pimple, that means this little patch is working!


The anti-inflammatory effect also applies to lifting your pimple. Many inflammatory acne problems (like cystic acne) occur under the skin, which can cause these breakouts that protrude angry bumps. According to the Cleveland Clinic, inflammatory acne is caused when your pores or hair follicles become clogged with sebum (natural oils), dead skin cells, excess oil, and buildup from makeup products, etc Mighty Patch should absorb the material closest to your skin’s surface, so with inflammatory acne you may need to use more than one patch to get all that gunk out.

Sebum extraction

Sebum is basically your skin’s natural oils (made up of fats, sugars and designed to keep your skin moist). Those with oily skin tend to have excess oil, which can lead to buildup under the skin and thus acne. The Mighty Patches are excellent at absorbing this oil, and when you remove them, you should be able to see it as white flecks and cloudiness on the patch.

Other Acne and Spot Patches to Consider

Although the Original Mighty Patch is ideal for the night, these patches may not be perfect for all situations. For example, if you want to apply makeup while wearing one of these patches, you might consider the Mighty Patch Invisible Daytime Acne Patch which is so translucent that it blends seamlessly into the rest of your skin. Alternatively, to stop acne before it has fully formed, try the Micropoint for Blemishes Early-Stage Acne Patch for bumps that are just starting to appear. And if you have a group of bumps that need to be treated rather than just one spot, try the Mighty Patch Surface Larger Acne Patch!

No matter what type of acne or localized condition you have, Hero Cosmetics has a wide variety of products that can help with these issues. Here are some other examples:

Is the original Mighty Patch worth it?

Considering its effectiveness, reasonable price, and wide availability, I think the original Mighty patch is definitely worth it. This acne solution is ideal for quickly reducing the appearance of pimples and is super effective for superficial pimples. If you’re willing to use a few patches and have an extra day to spare, these patches also work for deeper inflammatory acne. Overall, at $12.99 for a box of 36, the Original Mighty Patch is a safe bet.

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