The skincare routine you need to try if you have dehydrated oily skin

The concept of dehydrated and oily skin may seem like an oxymoron because most people think that dry and dehydrated skin is the same thing, but oily skin is not dry, so how can it be dehydrated? Although many people use the terms “dry” and “dehydrated” interchangeably when referring to skin, they are two different things. According to Healthline, dehydrated skin is a skin condition, not a skin type. Oily skin is a type of skin. Dry, dehydrated skin can have similar symptoms, but dry skin contains fewer natural oils, while dehydrated skin has less moisture — and all skin types can become dehydrated.

As renowned esthetician Aida Bicaj explained to MindBodyGreen, “Dehydrated oily skin is the residue of oiliness on the surface of the skin, then dries underneath in the lower levels of the skin”, which means that your skin still looks greasy from natural oils but lacks moisture or hydration. Bicaj adds that when people experience excess sebum production, they tend to choose “stripping cleansers, over-exfoliation, and insufficient hydration,” which leads to skin dehydration that affects your pores and triggers greater sebum production.

Some people assume that oily skin is always hydrated, but “oil doesn’t equal hydration” (via Esmi Skin). It’s always important to hydrate dehydrated and oily skin with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalene and ceramides. They are also prone to dull, irritated skin with finer fine lines and the possibility of more breakouts.

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