The truth about L’Oréal clay masks

Amazon shoppers are going crazy over L’Oreal clay masks, with many calling the masks “by far the best” to ever appear in their reviews, according to the Daily Mail. The L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detoxifying Black Charcoal Face Mask, in particular, has over 6,000 rave reviews with five stars. Many beauty addicts also rave about how these clay masks provide a range of skin benefits, including unclogging pores.

The Daily Mail explains that one of the things that made L’Oréal clay masks so popular is the fact that you can actually see the mask working. L’Oréal clay masks are designed for use on all skin types and have a formula that contains a combination of clays and charcoal. The purpose of the product is to exfoliate the skin and gently remove dirt and oil from the clogged pores at the same time.

How these masks work is simple: you apply them to cleansed skin and let the product act for up to 10 minutes. During this time, you should notice the mask starting to dry out, but in some areas – like acne areas or clogged pores – they will stay darker due to oil extraction (via L’Oréal Paris ). With visible results, it’s no wonder people adore these L’Oréal clay masks.

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