These 42 products only * seem * to be too good to be true

Dead mice, skunk fights, pet damage, years of cigarette smoke – the critics have ALL stopped them with this spray.

Get a three-size bottle pack from Amazon for $ 29.95.

Promising results: “I have seen the ads for others claiming to eliminate odors (and have tried them too) but have been using it for years and will continue to use it. Zero Odor works where everyone else has failed. The first time I used it we cleaned an apartment to make it ready for new people and the previous tenants had cats … what a strong offensive smell they left behind. I thought nothing would work and we would have to completely redo the whole area and it would have cost a fortune, well Zero Odor was a last ditch effort as we had already tried about seven or eight other things, chemical cleaners (working hours ) to every kind of spray I could find and none of them even made a dent in it, a few masked it for about an hour, but that’s all they got made. I bought Zero Odor specifically for this problem, I sprayed everything, the walls, floor, ceiling and closet too. We came back the next day and it was totally odor free, it was 100% clear and clean. Keep in mind the place smelled so bad before we had to keep the windows open, well Zero Odor became part of my cleaning kit from that day forward and I will never do without it. It works, clear and simple. I don’t know how, but when all else failed, Zero Odor did and continues over and over again. Let others claim what they want, but this product does exactly what it says without compromise, not even a hint of the old scent is left behind. No way around this one, that’s a great thing. “—Stonington

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