These are the most common skincare mistakes acne sufferers make, according to an expert

An expert shares the most common mistakes made by acne sufferers.

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The internet is bombarded with so much information on how to get rid of or reduce acne. And while some of these might be helpful, we often come across suggestions that are just a big no-no.

In fact, sometimes we don’t even need to venture online to get bad skincare advice because friends and family tend to hand it out for free.

When you’re surrounded by so much misinformation, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the good from the bad. So we reached out to a skincare expert at Lamelle to find out the most common mistakes acne sufferers make.

Mistake #1: Not asking for help

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Seek professional help for skin-related problems like acne.

“The misconception still exists that acne is a phase and you will get past it. Unfortunately, in many cases it’s not just a phase. It’s a chronic inflammatory skin condition that needs to be treated. In In some cases, the acne sufferer only seeks help when the condition is “out of control” and there is permanent damage to the skin in the form of acne scarring.”

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Mistake #2: Using abrasive products

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Do not use abrasive products on your skin.

“Using non-skin abrasive products to control oily skin. There are many old wives’ tales about managing oily skin. We see, especially teenagers, using alcohol-based products, acetone and abrasive cleansers to “remove” the oil on their skin.This damages the lipid layers inside the top layer of the skin, which worsens the effect on acne.Inflammation is triggered and the skin is unable to naturally exfoliate, which increases pore blockage.

Mistake #3: Picking Buttons

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Don’t pick your pimples.

“Pulling out and picking the pimples – it exaggerates the fear.”

Mistake #4: Ditch your moisturizer

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Hydration is essential.

“If you have acne or oily skin, you should not use moisturizers as this will make the skin oily – this is another mistake that has been perpetuated over time. Sebum is produced by the sebaceous gland.This sebum is delivered to the surface of the skin, and this is what we feel as oiliness on our skins.A lipid bilayer forms between the cells of the skin and this layer is essential for proper hydration and the water trapping.With our lifestyle and exposure to pollutants,sun and wind,we are losing bi-layer lipids constantly.This needs to be replaced with good lipids that are compatible with the skin.This is the role of daily moisturizers. If you don’t moisturize, the skin can become dry and oily at the same time (especially if you use the abrasive ingredients mentioned earlier). It’s uncomfortable and also aggravates acne.”

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