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Contrary to popular belief, acne is not the death sentence for your skin. Everyone has experienced a hard-to-hide pimple or a series of stubborn blackheads. But few brands act like this. They make acne feel like the end of the world – a condition that kills your confidence, keeps you from seeing friends or dates, and damages your skin forever. Traditional brands use messages that imply that your breakout should be a breaking point, where you should panic and your skin should purge. But I’m here to clean the air: Nuclear acne treatments that subject the skin’s surface to submission are no longer the only way forward.

There is a new cohort of companies changing not only the way you treat acne, but the way you talk about it as well. Soft Services, Starface, Peace Out, Bevel, and SolaWave obviously view acne as a problem, but not a problem you should stress – it will only exacerbate the problem. This new class of acne treatment brands creates manageable overnight patches that are as playful as they are powerful; soft sheets for cleaning pores; high-tech red and blue light sticks; creams that cover as they lighten; and serums that repair skin damaged by front pimples.

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Soft services

Founded in 2019 by beauty experts Annie Kreighbaum and Rebecca Zhou, Soft Services is a ‘targeted’ body care company designed to treat a range of common skin problems: dry skin, keratosis pilaris, irritation, ingrown hairs, discoloration, bodily acne and beyond. The combination of powerful ingredients and custom formulas creates a strong collection of effective products, perfect for hard and sensitive skin.

Cleaning clay

Soft Services Compensation Clay is potent but safe for everyday use – or as a spot treatment or mask. In other words, it is versatile. Using sulfur as the main active ingredient (10% of it), clay is endowed with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and skin-softening abilities, which means that it works for the absorption and exfoliation of the skin. oil.

Clear mist

Three ingredients – salicylic acid, PCA zinc, and niacinamide – join forces to fight acne, discoloration, and irritation caused by sweating or tight clothing. (Usually the two come in tandem.) Just spray it on the affected area and let it dry. Do not rub it.

Buffing bar

If you’ve noticed that some areas of your body are rougher than others, due to ingrown hairs, dry skin, or acne, use the Buffing Bar by Soft Services, a bar-conditioning micro-exfoliant. soap.


Starface entered the scene with its star-shaped acne stickers. Wearers can put one on when a pimple appears, sleep in it, and remove it the next morning. Many began to wear them down, too, with an unashamedly confident air. This triggered a kind of acne nonchalance that spread to brands established after them.


Starface’s Hydro-Star stickers come in a little yellow case reminiscent of the ones Apple puts in its AirPods – except there is a mirror and 32 little stars. Each is a condensed hydrocolloid spot treatment designed to absorb and reduce breakouts overnight. They also seal the area from other bacteria, speeding up the healing process.

Hydro-Star + Salicylic Acid

These are the same as the aforementioned Hydro-Stars except for the added salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid capable of removing bigger, bolder pimples.

Lift up the pore bands

You’ve probably seen a bunch of Bioré before – the ones you see on TikToks buttons (or YouTube videos). They’re sticky on one side and soft on the other, and you apply them to an area with a lot of clogged pores – usually your nose. The Starfaces are the same except they are much softer.


SolaWave and its flagship product, the SolaWave Wand, strive to treat a multitude of skin problems (including acne) with red light, blue light, facial massages, micro-currents and the heat. It may sound like heresy, but there is real science behind it. With a sleek and modern design and even more modern features, the wand can drastically reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pimples, dark spots and dull spots.

SolaWave red light wand

Like the lightsabers in Star Wars, there are reds and blues. (Sorry, no green or purple here.) The red light wand – with heat, micro-currents, and facial massage – works to repair skin damage due to aging (or neglect): wrinkles, dryness , fine lines or dull complexion. To use it, you move it as if you were shaving, with your head in the “I” or “T” position. (See: “I” here and “T” below.) Just make sure your face is clean and dry before using it.

SolaWave blue light wand

While we generally think of blue light as harmful, the blue light wand is actually quite good for your skin. There are no micro-currents with this model, but its light – this time blue – kills one of the bacteria that causes the breakouts, dramatically reducing the likelihood of you having them while helping with several other issues.


FRONTMAN wants you to put your best face forward, even when you have acne. Their only product offering to date, FRONTMAN Fade, is a two-in-one formula that diminishes the appearance of acne while coating it with a skin-colored cream. The Fade comes in four shades and should only be worn during the day – and you can; It’s completely invisible, even if you’re not good at putting on makeup.

Peace outside

As the name suggests, Peace Out is a skin care brand dedicated to eradicating the skin of its most common ailments: acne, dark spots, inflammation, wrinkles and more. In effect, you are buying the brand’s offering this way, choosing your problem and finding products that work to solve it. Under acne, the brand offers a bunch of solutions: stickers for overnight use, creams to remove rashes, and balms to reduce the visibility of stubborn blemishes.

Acne points – 6 points

This hydrocolloid polymer technology with active salicylic acid acts as an overnight treatment. Apply it firmly, sleep in it, and watch your pimple reduce in size and redness, while healing deeply beyond what you can see. There are only six in this set – perfect for someone who wants to test something like this (or someone who rarely suffers from acne).

Peace Out Acne Dots Jumbo

Jumbo Acne Dots are large enough to cover an area of ​​pimples. Do you have a few blackheads where your mask has rubbed? Apply one. A few white dots where your glasses rest? Stick one on. By the way, the same instructions apply here: stick it on a clean face, sleep in it and remove it the next morning.

Acne Treatment Serum

Tired of all those stickers? Here, try a traditional treatment serum from Peace Out. You can use this formula daily without worrying about damaging your skin as it is made up of 2% salicylic acid and a combination of key ingredients like zinc, vitamin C, triluronic acid and extract. of centella asiatica.


Bevel manufactures products especially for black skin, which they have proven to be both sensitive to and in need of specialized products. Big beauty brands ignore minority users when formulating new products, which means many could damage the skin or just might not work. Bevel has thought of them from the start, formulating a collection of products for hair, skin, body and shaving that are as sensitive as they are powerful – and especially for black people.

2 in 1 spot fader

The Spot Fader works on ingrown hairs, razor bumps and dark spots caused by acne. It is formulated, with its signature combination of vitamin C and 9% lactic acid, to combat the unique problems of dark skin. Testers told the brand they felt smoother within a week of first using them.

Exfoliating tonic

This is another two-in-one concept from the company. Each wipe exfoliates while toning, cleansing pores and dead skin while smoothing and rejuvenating new skin. In addition, the mixture of lavender and green tea will leave you feeling refreshed.

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