This $ 13 Glycolic Acid Shower Gel Treats Acne and Signs of Aging

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Shower gel is no ordinary shower gel because it contains glycolic acid, an anti-aging hero. “Glycolic acid is probably the most recognizable alpha hydroxy acid,” San Diego-based dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm previously said. In the style. AHA helps speed up “skin renewal and renewal. It has also been shown to encourage the growth of new collagen and improve skin texture and fine lines, especially at higher concentrations.”

Because glycolic acid acts as a gentle exfoliant, removing dead skin cells that block the sebaceous glands, it can also help reduce the number of rashes you see. And because it “regulates normal pigment production, which encourages an even skin tone,” according to Dr. Palm, you end up with smooth, youthful, and glowing looking skin.

Buyers can’t help but rave about Alpha Skin Care Shower Gel in their Amazon reviews. One buyer said it “will be a staple” in his shower, while others called the wash “perfect” and said it “smelled fresh” and “would lather well”, and another even promised it would result in “the softest skin ever.” . “

It “saves on dry itchy skin,” another reviewer wrote, adding, “I have very dry itchy skin over keratosis pilaris. This product leaves my skin smooth and restores moisture. Even though I forget about it. to put on moisturizer after the shower my skin feels good. No more itchy and ashy skin. “

“I am pregnant and I suffered from a horrible hormonal side [effects] including acne all over the back, chest and face, ”another user shared. “I read that I needed glycolic acid to help balance all the hormones, and I found this product. After a few uses, I noticed a huge difference. The smell is not overwhelming at all, and a little goes a long way. 10/10 would recommend. “

Ready to fight dry, dull and aging skin? Alpha Skin Care shower gel is a real multitasking for the changing seasons. Head over to Amazon now and grab the Glycolic Wash for $ 13.

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