This $2 foundation is your skin’s new savior

What makes a great foundation?

“Everyone can agree that they want their foundation to look their best and last as long as possible,” says Tricome. “You get beautiful skin with a variety of finishes, whether it’s more matte or more dewy. I think the more dewy and shimmery foundation finishes are currently more popular with consumers. This is a finish as opposed to super matte. “

Are there any tricks to make the foundation look as good as possible?

“Skin prep is the MVP here,” says Moore. “A freshly washed face with hyaluronic acid moisturizer daily works wonders. While applying foundation, I warm the foundation on the back of my hand. I use a moistened Beautyblender so that the foundation is easier to apply. Using a primer can also help, adds Tricome. “If you’re using a primer, like skincare, you want to make sure it’s completely settled into the skin and interacts well with your foundation. If you’re using a foundation that’s water, a silicone-based primer will not work in combination with this product.”

When buying drugstore foundation, are there any tips for matching shades?

“Knowing your undertones can make all the difference when choosing a shade,” says Moore. “Also, make sure you match your face and not your hand. If you can swatch to the side of your cheek or jaw, that’s better, but if you can’t, try holding the bottle on your face. And if you mess up, you can always swap for another shade!”

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