This guy cured his acne by taking accutane and using herbs

After years of battling acne and trying just about every remedy available, Brian Turner eventually found a cure that worked for him, albeit extreme. In a video on his YouTube channel, Brian explains how it took 70 weeks of daily high doses of Accutane to clear his acne, but it was not without side effects.

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Before starting treatment, Brian’s acne was particularly severe. “I had big lumpy cysts and tons of blackheads covering my entire face, as well as tons of whiteheads.”

He started at 40 milligrams of Accutane (the popular name for the drug Isotretinoin) per day. After six weeks, he had a huge rash, which he said was to be expected: Whatever acne you have before you start treatment, it will become two or three times worse when the drugs start to work. effect. “It kind of ignites your acne, so it’s been a lot worse.”

It took over six months for Brian to see positive results. It was around week 30 that her skin began to lighten: the treatment first worked on the whiteheads, then began to act on the cysts, then on the blackheads and finally on the redness of his skin. skin. He also did his own research at the same time, and from week 30 he started to cut meat and dairy from his diet.

“I was trying to figure out what was going on, why my face wasn’t clearing up yet when other people had started seeing success at week 30,” he says, “and I found that my whey intake, my protein intake, which is whey, and whey is dairy, all of these are known to trigger acne. So when I pulled that out I started to see my acne would go away very quickly and then it worked in conjunction with Accutane and in fact cleared up completely. “

At his peak, Brian was taking 200 milligrams of Accutane each day, for about 15 weeks, then slowly started reducing the dose towards the end of his treatment and ended up at around 60 milligrams per day. “I was basically taking two treatments at the same time,” he says.

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Over the course of the 70 weeks Brian suffered a range of side effects, from extreme dryness of the skin that would crack his lips and face and even bleed if he smiled or yawned, to increased sensitivity to light. . He also had back and joint pain that he had never had before, and started to experience a loss of strength in the gym, although he did not reduce his calorie intake, in fact he ate more. calories than usual. Even after the treatment was finished, the back and joint pain and dry skin persisted, although Brian notes that there are other much more serious side effects of taking Accutane that are not sufficiently discussed. especially depression and an increased risk of cancer.

The acne also came back after the treatment, which Brian said can occur up to 50% of the time. “A lot of people think that’s a 100 percent success rate and then you’re clear forever, and that’s not the case at all.” While her skin wasn’t as sensitive to artificial sweeteners or creatine as it had been, big triggers, such as dairy, still caused huge flare-ups.

“I finished Accutane and then I felt I could have more freedom to eat whatever I wanted, so I started including protein bars and dairy products here and there, and whenever I did. did, within 24 to 48 hours I would feel a the cyst start to form, then they would stick around for 2 to 12 weeks after they were fully formed, ”says Brian Men’s health.

“I finally decided to experiment with a plant-based diet,” he says. “I figured if eliminating dairy helped that much, then cutting out meat and the like would help too, as I felt the hormones in meat and dairy were impacting my acne. My cystic acne disappeared and the most regular pimples started to disappear as well. That was just over four years ago, and since then I’ve been fully vegan and it has kept my acne at bay. I still have occasional pimples here and there, but never a cyst and my pimples move much faster than them. “

He adds that this is exactly what worked for him and that it is a personal choice. And as for Accutane, given the range of dangerous side effects, he says, “You should use it as an absolute last resort.”

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