This is how long it takes for vitamin C serum to start working

Vitamin C serum can do wonders for your skin, especially by providing defense against free radicals from the environment and air pollution, reports Elle. Since pollution is linked to premature aging, think of vitamin C serum like a superhero in a bottle to save the day (and your skin!) For people with oily skin, regular use of vitamin C can also reduce oil on the skin and hyperpigmentation of acne spots (by Harvard Health Publishing).

However, to see the results, you will have to wait a bit. Results from using topical vitamin C serums or creams usually take about three weeks to become noticeable and at least two months for hyperpigmentation to begin to visibly fade (per Birchbox Magazine).

You still have to choose the right products. Harvard Health Publishing recommends finding serums, as well as other topical products, with vitamin C concentrations of 10% to 20% with a pH below 3.5. These concentrations and numbers have been studied in clinical trials by experts and shown to be effective in reducing sun damage to the skin, diminishing the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles, and improving acne inflammation.

Even though the results of Vitamin C Serum may take a while, know that you are nourishing your skin with valuable antioxidants that protect your skin from toxins and environmental agents. Trust the process because patience pays off. The benefits of vitamin C serum are worth it!

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