This New Prescription Skin Care Service Puts You In Touch With Doctors, Who Create A Custom Product To Meet Your Needs

There is an endless list of skin care ingredients, each one promising to give you the look you are looking for. But knowing what works for you and putting it all into your diet is tricky, often requiring multiple products and steps. How do you determine what you need?

A new prescription beauty platform is here to cut through all the noise. Software takes the guesswork out of developing bespoke products, each of which is fully personalized for a particular client.

Founder Niamh Mooney grew up in the Victorian town of Warrnambool and got used to driving four hours in Melbourne to see a skin specialist for her acne. Later, her sister became a dermatologist. Having someone to turn to for constant advice has been life changing.

“I was really lucky in my late teens and twenties to have it as a source of truth and advice on how to deal with my skin,” she said. Large format. Mooney also worked in London, where she had access to tele-dermatologists who could help formulate quality prescription topical treatments online.

“I realized that Australia was best suited for telehealth, because of our geography, and in particular tele-dermatology, because of the impact of the sun on many people in Australia,” says it.

So she took the model home with her. The software works the same way: it connects you with doctors and pharmacists specializing in skin health, who formulate a personalized product designed specifically for your skin. And because it’s prescription grade, it’s much stronger than what you’ll find over the counter at the drugstore or on a shelf in Mecca.

It starts with a questionnaire, where you are asked about your skin goals, skin type, allergies, current skin care routine, and medications. Then you have a more in-depth medical consultation, where they will take a closer look at the condition of your skin with the help of photos.

From there, the specialist formulates a cream with factual active ingredients in different concentrations, depending on the needs and condition of your skin. Once you approve the formula, a partner pharmacy takes the prescription, creates the final product, and ships it directly to you on an ongoing basis. The initial consultation and all follow-ups are free. A current software subscription costs $ 88 every two months, for a two-month supply of your treatment. You can delay or cancel the subscription at any time.

“From the patient’s perspective, it’s a very hands-on experience,” says Mooney. “What we are seeing with the feedback from our patients is that it is a really practical drug for a lot of them.”

The software primarily helps users fight the signs of aging – such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness – and acne, as well as pigmentation due to sun exposure and damage.

the the main ingredients Software’s prescription formulas contain retinoids, which increase cell turnover and stimulate collagen production, and azelaic acid, which is known to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation associated with acne and rashes. They are supported by niacinamide, which strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier, and hyaluronic acid for gentle hydration. Some doctors may also prescribe oral antibiotics for severe acne.

“The ability to have a single bottle with all the relevant ingredients that are right for you – in the right strengths – and refill it every eight weeks through our subscription service can be very helpful,” says Mooney.

But no skincare product can do it all, which is why the brand has also introduced Software system, a line of over-the-counter products designed to help you take your treatment to the next level. They include a hydrating cleanser, a light moisturizer, and a hydrating sunscreen with an SPF50 formulation.

The team of doctors and skin specialists are also there for you every step of the way, so you can ask questions about your treatment, report the effects, or request more advice on applying your product whenever. You need it.

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