TikTok’s Kate “Hina” Sabatine shares her skincare routine

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Kate “Hina” Sabatine is a Leo. “So for me, personally, beauty is something that I’m very passionate about, and I love being at my best,” says Hina, a TikTok creator who is best known for her imaginary columns as Lesbian parent of her fictitious Cornelius. “So spending $ 200 on a product makes sense to me.” Not that Hina is doing it – more.

“At one point, I got really obsessed with Korean skin care, and I was spending my entire salary on the SK-II Facial Care Essence, they admit. It was the height of the ‘glass skin’ era, and after years of treating textured skin and cystic acne, they were desperate to find something – anything – that could get one. apparently pore-free and luminous complexion. As for the SK-II, “I don’t know what they put in this gasoline, but it’s totally worth it.” They explain, “I can’t justify spending so much anymore” after a facial changes their perspective on skin care.

Hina doesn’t normally get facials, but it’s a trip to the German countryside and a vegan hotel that changed her mind. “My ex said to me, ‘They have a really good spa here, you should get a facial. It’s my pleasure.’ They were worried but accepted the offer. “Normally your skin is a little red, a little inflamed after, but when I tell you my skin was perfect afterwards. I was like, ‘Oh my God, that. did you do ?!’ The secret was Dr. Hauschka’s products – and most were under $ 50. They realized there was no need to break the bank with a skincare routine.

Below, Hina shares her morning routine, including the $ 2 face masks she buys wholesale, the moisturizer she always comes back to, and the sunscreen that “really looks like the skin.”

“When I was about to turn 25, I read what to expect at 25, and everyone was like, ‘You stop making collagen!’ My heart literally sank into my butt when I read this. Then I was at Sprouts in LA and ended up getting this supplement. To be completely honest with you, I can’t tell you say if this does anything or if these are my other skin care products but i take it as a guarantee anyway.

“I was really skeptical of Curology when they approached me to work with them, but I’ve noticed that when I don’t use their facial cleanser, I suffer. So either my skin is addicted or it’s really, really good at what it does. This is the first product I have ever used that has had an immediate effect on my skin – the very next day my skin was so much better – and now I have been using it for two months. At night, I will remove my makeup with Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser and then follow it with this.

“I found this toner thanks to Soko Glam. It’s not scented, and it’s very, very neutral. I don’t like anything abrasive so just take a part of it in my hands and pat it, instead of using a cotton ball. My skin feels really clean after using it, and I feel like it absorbs products better after using it.

“From what I understand, the Western conception of a toner is that it balances your face and removes any dirt you might have missed with your facial cleanser, whereas an essence gives you more of what you do. your skin Needs. Like me, I’m really into hydration and I live in LA, where the air is disgusting and dirty, so I want to make sure my skin is supple and hydrated.

This essence is also unscented. I’ve noticed that I get a lot more compliments on the days I use it than on the days I don’t.

“Mediheal sheet masks are so good and cheap. I buy them in bulk. They have one Tea plant and an intensive hydrating version that I really like. If my skin is going through it, I will use the Tea Tree, and if my skin is dry, I will use the hydration one. It really depends on what my skin needs that day.

“Right now I’m using Curology moisturizer, and it’s not bad. But with my moisturizer on, I want my face to feel like I’ve just stepped out of the ocean, wet and lathered, so after using the rest of my curology, I’ll go back to my favorite, the water bank of The snow. Oh my God, this girl, I dream of her.

I’ll be honest, I’m a slut for the wrapper, and Laneige caught my eye in Sephora. I was like, ‘What’s your personality? Who are you? What is tea? I did a little Google around the store – I literally crouched on the floor because I had been there for so long reading about it – and everyone was like, “This is awesome! And they were right. It’s thick, but it looks like water, and when you wear makeup on it, it’s even better. I think this is the product I have used the longest in my routine. I mean, we have an intermittent relationship, but we always come back to each other.

“I’m just a dimple, and I think no lip balm can do it better than Aquaphor. I’m really convinced that other lip balms get you hooked, but when my lips are chapped Aquaphor will heal them instead of just making me want to keep applying more. I was in the mountains for two months earlier this year, and everything was cracking. Aquaphor single-handedly held my life by a thread.

“A friend of mine from college who I bonded with for skin care recommended this sunscreen to me. At the time, I was shamefully not a regular sunscreen user. I asked her where I should start, to which she replied: ‘Supergoop! duh. ‘ And since then, it’s my favorite. It’s completely fragrance-free (thank goodness!), Leaves no plaster, and really looks like skin. In fact, it works great as a makeup base because it’s not greasy or bulky – it’s very buttery and smooth.

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