Top stories on product innovations in the APAC beauty area

1 – Out of this world! Kao’s Space Shampoo Will Start Much-needed ‘Smart with Water’ Conversations

Kao Corporation is preparing to send a sheet of waterless shampoo to the International Space Station in 2022, a move that is expected to give waterless beauty the exposure it needs to change long-term water use patterns. dated.

The Japanese personal care company announced that two of its waterless products, the 3D Space Shampoo Sheet and the 3D Space Laundry Sheet, have been selected by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for use on board the International Space Station (ISS) in 2022.

As water is a scarce resource in space, the leaves do not need to be used with water. They are made with a non-woven fabric impregnated with cleaning formulas.

Talk to CosmeticsDesign-Asia,Helga Hertsig-Lavocah, senior futurist and founder of Hint Futurology, said new developments from Kao prove that large multinational manufacturers of personal care products are ready for waterless beauty.

2 – Simple and multifunctional: the latest powdered exfoliant from Biologi designed to help consumers “strip away” of beauty

Australian cosmeceutical brand clean Biologi has launched a powdered exfoliant that is inspired by the “skinimalism” trend and allows consumers to customize it according to their needs.

Biologi’s Bx Reveal Scrub is a powdered scrub that contains just two ingredients: Australian Kakadu Plum and Rice Powder. The product is activated by mixing it with a cleanser.

The latest launch is inspired by the minimalism skincare trend that spawned practices like skin fasting.

No more Kardashian contouring regimes and in her place, fresh, natural-looking skin without all the layers. We love that these trends focus on your skin itself and strive to be comfortable showing perceived flaws and not hiding behind layers of makeup, ”Ross Macdougald, founder of Biologi said CosmeticsDesign-Asia.

3 – Vegan boost: LG H&H’s first vegan makeup brand completes its range with seven new product launches

LG Household & Health Care has rounded out the product line of its very first vegan makeup brand, Belif x VDL, with the addition of seven additional products to the existing line.

LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) is a South Korean personal care conglomerate that owns a host of international beauty brands including History of Whoo, The Face Shop and Su: m37.

Belif x VDL is the company’s first vegan makeup brand which debuted in August of this year.

The brand was presented as a special collaboration between the corporate skin care brand Belif and the VDL makeup brand which focuses on lasting beauty with “clean” ingredients.

4 – Ready to fly? Leading insect-based skin oil brand Point68 sees China and Macau as potential markets

The brand behind a skin oil derived from the extract of black soldier fly larvae is looking to expand in China and Macau after its recent launch in Hong Kong.

Point68 Insect Beauty is a joint venture between American organic and clean beauty brand SIBU Sea Berry Therapy and Asian-based insect industry professional Josh Galt.

There is only one product, Youth Replenishing Face Oil, which is a luxury face oil formulated to improve skin hydration with cell healing and rejuvenation.

Galt told CosmeticsDesign-Asia: “We sold fairly well compared to our initial first year targets, both through international distributors and direct to consumer online sales. “

5 – Herbal Help: Himalayan Neem Facial Wash has been clinically proven to reduce acne after four weeks while maintaining hydration

An herbal facial cleanser made by the Indian Himalaya Drug Company has been clinically studied to prevent and reduce mild to moderate acne after four weeks of daily use.

The test item is Himalayan Neem Purifying Facial Wash, a soap-free, pH balanced formulation containing neem and turmeric marketed to prevent or reduce acne.

In this study, the facial cleanser was also shown to reduce sebum levels and maintain adequate hydration.

The hallmarks of acne are non-inflammatory lesions such as blackheads and whiteheads, and inflammatory lesions such as cysts.

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