Try Luhhsetty’s Day-to-Night Skin Care Routine

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you struggle with an oily T zone in the hot summer? Or are you just a teenager looking for a proven acne solution? Famous YouTuber Luhhsetty has all the right answers to your skin care concerns.

With over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, the social media star is best known for her lifestyle, makeup and hair care routines. In this video, she shares her unsponsored skincare secrets, but she still keeps them real.

“If you have insurance or can afford to go to dermatologists and have a skin problem, I highly recommend that you do,” she says, noting that she has been seeing a dermatologist for a few years. , in order to give her acne-prone skin the best chance to fight. This is one of her secrets to keeping clear and smooth skin under a high definition camera – using targeted and qualified products under the guidance of a professional.

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Of course, before you get into any prescription goodies, you need to start with the basics.

“The cleanser is really important when it comes to skin care,” she says. “I need something that will cleanse like I need my face to be cold because my skin is oily.” She also highly recommends using a motorized facial cleansing brush to give yourself. “a deep exfoliation and really helps lighten dark spots and get rid of blackheads.” The circular motions could help cleanse the skin deeply, and Luhhsetty also washes easily overlooked areas like the neck area and hairline.

On the other hand, nighttime cleaning requires a few extra steps. Luhhsetty will soak cottons in micellar cleansing water, then gently squeeze them over her eyes and hold them for a few seconds before gently wiping off makeup. Make-up removing wipes and a Clarisonic Mia Smart complete the cleanse.

The routine is particularly useful for sensitive skin and for anyone looking to avoid the first signs of aging. From prescription creams to over-the-counter lotions, her day-to-night routine is full of great advice. Check out the full routine below.

Follow Luhhsetty’s routine and get the products she recommends in the links below.

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Follow Luhhsetty on IG and Youtube for more skin care tips and advice.

Photography by: YouTube video

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