Tula Acne All Star Treatment

Despite the pervasive idea that acne is a skincare problem exclusive to adolescence, adult acne is actually quite common. Whether it’s due to stress, hormones, genetics, lifestyle, or profuse sweating from the current heatwave sweeping the world, adult acne is frustrating to deal with, especially when you’re also concerned with targeting (and preventing) the visible signs of aging like loss of elasticity and fine lines. The problem with most over-the-counter acne treatments is that they tend to be too drying and irritating, especially when used on mature skin (well, more like Nope-adolescent) skin. Many formulas are designed to blot excess oil from the skin to push out impurities from congested pores. While removing oil from your skin can help ward off blemishes, it can also lead to premature flaking, cracking, and fine lines caused by overdrying.

Luckily, Tula’s latest launch is here to help prevent breakouts from wreaking havoc on your complexion *without* completely stripping the skin of all its natural oils. Like most of Tula’s concentrated skincare products, the new Acne All-Star 3-in-1 Acne Cleanser, Mask & Spot Treatment is infused with an exclusive blend of six different prebiotic and probiotic extracts, which help protect and strengthen the skin barrier, while keeping oil production at a balanced level.

Tula Acne All-Star 3-in-1 Acne Treatment

The cleanser, mask, and spot treatment also tone the skin to keep pores clean and tight without stripping.

The multifunctional treatment contains sulfur, a less irritating acne treatment suitable for a wider range of skin types (including sensitive skin). To counter any potential irritation, the formula is enriched with soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients like green tea, willow bark and birch.

According to Tula, “90% of participants said their acne was visibly gone after four weeks.” Not bad is not it ? I love that you can use All-Star Acne Solution as a spot treatment for occasional pimples or as an all-over mask to unclog pores without leaving skin too tight and parched. Despite the anti-acne actives it contains, the gel formula is refreshing and soothing and is safe to use daily or as needed.


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