Tula Breakout Breakthrough Acne Toner Pads Review 2022

From a five-month cycle of Accutane to banning moisturizer from my skincare routine (eek), I’ve tried just about everything in my journey to achieving pimple-free skin. Although I’m mostly on the clear these days, breakouts have been part of my skin routine for over half my life, and I’ve had many years to figure out what works (less is more) and, more importantly, what’s not working. t (blast your face with harsh ingredients). The latest MVP in the long game for keeping my skin healthy: Tula’s Breakout Breakthrough Salicylic Acid Acne Pads, which launched this month and are already garnering rave reviews. “I had the chance to use [these toner pads] for a month and my skin remained glowing, smooth and acne-free,” Ava F. wrote on the Tula website. “These pads do not dry out, but rather moisturize the skin.”

After years of attacking my face with maximum strength Stridex pads (which, for the record, I still love for breakouts) and realizing that harsh ingredients that come in concentrate weren’t the path to happy skin, I never thought a serum-soaked round would ever approach my face again — that is, until I had the chance to test Tula’s new drop. In many ways, it’s the 2.0 (3.0?) of acne toner pad – for starters, it’s made from a biodegradable fiber. It has salicylic acid as an active ingredient (like some of its tougher competitors), but didn’t make my skin dry or irritated – thanks in large part to ingredients like skin-soothing willowherb and l pomegranate water, plus an exclusive prebiotic and probiotic complex to leave your dermis balanced, not angry.

The brand was founded by New York-based gastroenterologist Dr. Roshini Raj, MD, who has studied probiotics for 20 years and discovered an early link between healthy flora and a glowing complexion. In 2014, Tula was born, with the goal of using its medical expertise to create uplifting and uplifting beauty products rooted in skin health.

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