Vitamin C for the skin: Vitamin C is good for the skin, but if you use it like this, it will reduce acne and pimples.News WAALI

Skin care methods: Vitamin C rich serums, lotions, creams, soaps and shampoos are available in the market today. Daily use of these cosmetics does not guarantee beautiful skin.

Vitamin C for the skin: Vitamin C is good for the skin, but if you use it that way, it will reduce acne and pimples.

Why is vitamin C bad for the skin?

Vitamin C is very good for the skin. Not only the skin, but the body’s immune system is rich in vitamin C. As it protects the skin from various infections, this vitamin is also very effective in enhancing glamour. Skin experts also recommend incorporating vitamin C into your daily makeup routine. Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen in the skin. As a result, the skin does not age quickly. This vitamin C also helps heal cell damage. Vitamin C should be consumed as you use it in cosmetics. Lemon contains the highest amount of vitamin C. So try adding lemons, strawberries, currants, grapes, kiwis and oranges to your daily diet. An adult male should consume 90mg of vitamin C daily to maintain a healthy body. And for women, it’s 75 mg.

Vitamin C rich serums, lotions, creams, soaps, shampoos are all available in the market today. Daily use of these cosmetics does not mean that the skin will be good. Instead, you should eat regularly. Drinking more water, fruits everyday, raw yogurt will keep the body healthy. There are a few rules to follow. There are also guidelines for the use of vitamin C. If it is not used according to this rule, the dryness of the skin will increase. The skin area will disappear. There may also be allergy issues.

Do not mix with BB cream

Due to a misunderstanding, many people mix vitamin C with BB cream. The idea is that the face looks clean. This idea is not entirely correct. It causes skin folds. The skin peels off quickly. It has the ability to unclog facial pores. Do not mix heavy cream with vitamin C.


Combining vitamin C with sunscreen is not a good idea. Sunscreen does not contain natural ingredients. It contains chemicals. And this chemical, when exposed to vitamin C, reacts with sunlight to form oxidative compounds. Which is not good for the skin at all. There is internal damage to the skin.

Hyaluronic acid

Many creams, serums, lotions today contain hyaluronic acid as an ingredient. Vitamin C mixed with this acid is very bad for the skin. Dry from the inside out. Also, the pH balance of the skin is lost. Therefore, these two types of serum should not be mixed at all.


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