Watch Jordan Alexander’s Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Gossip Girl actress Jordan Alexander is passionate about skin care from the inside out. “I feel like when I treat my body well, my skin treats me well,” she says. “Basically, whatever is good for your body will be good for your skin too.”

Alexander takes a balanced and intuitive approach to skin care. She isn’t riding on things like removing makeup before bed – admittedly guilty of occasional mascara and lipstick overnight – and aside from basics like moisturizer and cleansing, she tends to to personalize his diet according to the specific needs of his skin. any day. “I’ll always wash my face and put on moisturizer, but when it comes to exfoliators, toners and the like, sometimes I like to feel it and feel what my body is telling me,” she says.

Recognizing these bodily rhythms also means accepting the occasional escape and approaching it with grace when it inevitably occurs. “There is a natural flow to the skin, so sometimes you have blemishes,” she says.

In this Go to Bed With Me episode, the actress shares an example of her intuitive nighttime routine. Shop for her skincare below and read on for the highlights.

Alexander begins his routine with a deep make-up removal using Almay’s biodegradable make-up removal pads. Not only are the towels fully biodegradable, they are also super soft. Then she does a deep clean – or two. She says she is especially a fan of Innisfree’s Pore Cleansing Facial Foam because it contains volcanic clumps, which are good for cleaning pores, diminishing the appearance of scars, and treating acne. Sometimes she sings the full ABCs to give the product time to soak in and “do what it’s supposed to do.” She finishes cleaning by tapping with a bamboo towel, a material she likes because it guarantees cleanliness.

She will follow it all up with Cure’s Aqua Gel exfoliant, which she rubs on her cheeks and lips in circular motions. She likes to exfoliate sparingly so as not to irritate the skin. To target acne, she uses Peach Slices Exfoliating Toner to help speed up her breakout cycle. And she’ll fill in any blemish with the popular Starface Hydro-Stars, pimple stickers containing salicylic acid to help clear pimples overnight.

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Scroll up the video to watch her routine in full.

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