What are the best beauty treatments that work with minimal downtime? Ask the skin coach!

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What is a skin coach? Why do i need a skin coach?

Having a consultation with a skin specialist who is at the same time a health coach can find the cause of your signs of accelerated aging, dull and gray complexion, discoloration, open pores and overall laxity and tired appearance or even having a teenage acne. still painful. Treat your skin problems and guide you with a holistic 360 approach to finally achieve a lasting result: glowing and healthy skin inside out.

Most importantly, before having a facial or any advanced cosmetic procedure, it is important to understand the problem and the condition of the skin. The skin is the largest and one of the smartest organs that we have. The 1st barrier between you and the environment. Besides your genetic gift, your lifestyle has a strong impact on your skin and your health in general. Your skin is only a messenger to answer them.

With so many beauty procedures available in the market these days, it’s hard to decide which one is best for you, which one works? Below we will discuss the best treatments, using the latest technology that gives the best results.

Have you ever heard of FOTONA 4D treatment?

Would you like to have firm, glowing skin with no discomfort and no healing time?

Dual laser wavelengths are used to tighten and resurface the skin for a youthful, lifted appearance.

This revolutionary technique uses four distinct steps to lift and rejuvenate facial tissue from the inside out by uniquely treating the oral mucosa, as well as the soft tissues of the mouth with minimal discomfort or no pain in the mouth. all.

The procedure is minimally invasive, allowing for a short recovery time and lasting results.

Recovery and results

Your recovery time and results will depend on why you had laser treatment.

The results are visible from the 1st treatment and the results keep improving for the next 8 weeks.

Generally, the effects of these treatments are believed to be long lasting and recovery times are shorter than those associated with traditional surgical procedures.

In the FOTONA 5D treatment, lip and eye rejuvenation is added to make it a perfect red carpet look for the holiday season.


FOTONA Smooth Eye Laser Rejuvenation

Would you like to reduce eye “rollover”? Unique non-invasive laser treatments to rejuvenate the eye area, reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as lift the upper eyelids are available with the FOTONA laser, one of the best lasers on the market. This treatment tightens, tones and rejuvenates the delicate eye area with little to no discomfort and downtime.

Most clients do not have downtime, but some may experience minimal redness or swelling after treatment, as well as some skin dryness.

Some clients have noticeable improvement immediately or after a week due to existing collagen tightening.

The second phase of improvement is between 4 and 8 weeks because it takes this time for your new collagen to be produced, this is the most important result. The improvements will accumulate with additional treatments and even after the treatment series is completed you will continue to see continuous improvements for up to 9-10 months due to the regeneration of collagen and elastin.

Lip rejuvenation and beautification

Are you obsessed with needles but want fuller, fuller lips? The Fontana laser is here for you!

Lip augmentation has been reported to be one of the most popular and demanded cosmetic procedures.

Lip augmentation has gradually become popular in recent years, reflecting the cultural trends of youth and beauty.

Research suggests that the “ideal lip” should have the following characteristics: fullness and volume, the correct balance between upper and lower lips, and a well-defined vermilion border.

FOTONA Lip Rejuvination smoothes the texture of the lips, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, making the lips appear fuller, younger and natural thanks to laser technology.

This is done through the process of collagen regeneration and it is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment without cutting or puncturing the skin, thus significantly eliminating any discomfort or risk.

It can be used for all skin types without downtime and is a better option for patients who have needle phobia.

Ulthera lower face and neck

Is gravity slowly sliding your face south? Are droopy jowls and saggy skin starting to betray your age?

Ultherapy is an FDA-approved, non-invasive, non-surgical facelift treatment for lifting, tightening, and firming skin tissue on the jowls and chin, as well as the entire lower face and neck. It is possible with the revolutionary technology of Ultherapy!

Dora (skin and laser specialist / medical esthetician) explains the benefits of Ultherapy for the lower face, neck and eyebrows:

-The only non-invasive FDA approved treatment for lifting and tightening

– results of the 1st treatment

-Safe. Effective. No downtime.

-Non-surgical alternative to cosmetic surgery

– Rely on safe and proven ultrasound

-Restores a youthful contour at the bottom of the face

– Achieve the same underlying skin layer as a lower lift

– Completely Natural Appearance (= going back 5 to 10 years)

– Long lasting result = no need to repeat for a min. a year or two)

– With the combination of other aesthetic and holistic non-surgical treatments, a revolutionary 360 skin rejuvenation approach is possible for maximum result

Ulthera eyebrow lift

Ultherapy can also be used to enhance the eyebrow. How does this work?

Ultherapy uses unique micro-focused ultrasound technology to stimulate and reshape collagen and elastin to the same depth targeted by surgeons.

When stimulated, these important structural proteins will lift the hooded eyelids to give the eyebrows a refreshed and youthful appearance.

Ultherapy Brow Lift helps lift the upper eyelid using advanced, completely non-invasive ultrasound technology.

This restorative technology smoothes forehead wrinkles while lifting and firming sagging skin on the forehead and upper eyelids.

This gently elevates and pushes the upper eyelid back into place in a very natural and inconspicuous way, replacing the need for blepharoplasty (surgical eyelid lift).

The unique brow lift procedure involves absolutely no downtime and min. or no pain sensation at all. It also generates superlative results which can last 18 months or more.

This treatment can be used in combination with FOTONA Smooth Eye Laser rejuvenation.

5 reasons to get a Signature Deep Cleansing facial

1. It’s Good for Everyone Almost any skin type or condition can receive (and benefit from) a deep facial cleansing.

2. Professional Exfoliation and Extraction An SDCF is a great way to let a professional do its skin rejuvenating magic. During a facial treatment, enzymatic exfoliation, deep tissue steam massage, manual extraction, meso-galvanic-oxygen therapy and the application of a double-layer peel-off mask help to refresh and renew the skin to a level that you simply cannot achieve at home.

3. Elimination of skin congestion such as blackheads, miias and acnes As the name suggests, a deep cleansing facial provides deep cleansing of the pores.

4. Stress relief and personal care

5. Promote youthfulness, overall freshness and skin health Facial treatments can prevent visible signs of aging and improve skin health.

There are many other types of facials. For example: Probiotic facial treatment for breastfeeding / pregnant women and for damaged and fragile skin; Brightening facial treatment for discoloration; Fire and ice face used before a specific event.

Do you want to know which procedure and which nutrition is best for restoring glow to your skin?

Book a consultation with Dora Atakul, Skin & Laser Specialist / Medical Esthetician and The Skin Coach.

Its mission is to reach as many women, men and teens as possible, guiding them towards healthy, happy and active, energetic lives with the young and radiant skin that everyone deserves and should have.

Dora graduated as a beautician in Hungary in 2000 and worked in her own Ilcsi cosmetic center. She then turned to the company in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic dermatology and gained 4 years of sales and training experience on cosmeceutical skin care products, machines and laser devices. .

After gaining this experience, she became a Licensed Laser Therapist in 2011 and worked for the famous Dubai Medical Spa Center for 7 years, having the opportunity to learn the main protocols and technologies as well as working with one. of the most famous. dermatologists and plastic surgeons in UAE.

In 2021, Dora joined dr. reuter clinic as a skin coach incorporating 20 years of aesthetic experience in health coaching to find the root cause of certain skin conditions and lifestyle related health issues and offering the long term treatment plan solution most appropriate term accordingly.

Current promotions:

1) Gentle eye lift: 2 150 Dh

2) Combination of Ulthera eyebrow lift (from 1,500 Dh) + FOTONA smooth eye part 2 (650 Dh)

4) Combination of FOTONA 4D (Dh3000) + FOTONA smooth eyes part 2 (Dh650) and smooth lips part 2 (Dh350)

dr. the reuter clinic offers discounts on laser hair removal (up to 70%)

In addition to laser facials, dr. The reuter clinic also offers laser hair removal with the best laser hair removal machine in Dubai.

Are you looking for the best laser hair removal procedure available in Dubai?

Would you like to see results after the 1st treatment?

Imagine – no more waxing, no more shaving. Laser hair removal is the best solution today for removing unwanted hair.

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To make an appointment, call the clinic Dr. reuter on 04 222 8811 or send a WhatsApp +971 50 514 2818.

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