What is Isolaz Acne Treatment?

Isolaz, an FDA-cleared desktop device for mild to moderate acne, uses vacuum suction and broadband light to remove debris from pores and kill pimple-causing germs before delivering therapeutic serums on the skin. Read this to learn more about Isolaz acne treatment.

Isolaz acne treatment: what is it?

Isolaz is a fantastic acne treatment for all types of acne except cystic lesions, as it deeply cleans pores to fight acne-causing bacteria at the source. All skin types, light or dark, can be treated with it. Doctors will assess your acne during your consultation to find the best acne treatment for you.
Effective acne treatments are made possible by the combination of a vacuum, which helps loosen and extract debris or excess oil from deep within your pores, and broadband light, which helps to eradicate acne-causing bacteria while reducing facial redness.
Two to six treatments are required, and the laser treatment for the face takes 15 to 20 minutes after washing and heating the skin.

Benefits of Isolaz Acne Treatment

The Isolaz treatment offers several fantastic benefits, such as being a long-lasting and painless procedure with no downtime, purifying, reducing redness, and eliminating oil, bacteria, and blackheads. Isolaz is effective on all skin types and painlessly cleanses and sanitizes the surface of the skin while stimulating healing. Additionally, you can add the Isolaz treatment to your regimen and notice a noticeable reduction in acne if your skin has not responded to topical acne treatments, including alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxys (BHA), benzoyl peroxide, Retin-A, antibiotics and even Accutane.
Depending on the severity of your acne breakout, you may need two to six treatments to see results for the face and a little longer for other parts of the body.

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