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LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Whitenicious By Dencia presents the Kojic Acid Collection, an outstanding innovative skincare collection of 9 products Whitenicious By Dencia has always dreamed of bridging the gap between dermatological experts and people at home looking for high-performance brightening skincare products they trust. For over 10 years, whitenicious has been changing the skincare game with its American-made products, the safest alternative to skin lightening products.

Combining Dencia’s vision, guided by a vision of a different version, his approach with his knowledge of years of working with renowned chemists, dermatologists and doctors and using his own products, each product is always carefully formulated to caring for all skin types, tones, and textures worldwide. Using innovative and scientifically advanced active ingredients, Whitenicious by Dencia offers clinically proven skin care solutions to support the skin’s natural abilities and revitalize the complexion while brightening and keeping your skin young and attractive to your eyes because what matters is how you see yourself.

“With all of my business endeavors I have been fueled by my passion for skincare which stems from my personal struggles with Addison’s disease and the changes it brings to my skin, my goal is to fill the gaps in the market with expertly designed, universally loved products that are focused on high performance and scientifically proven to work on all skin types, especially tough skin types like afro skin American, because most brands don’t take care of our skin,” says brand CEO Dencia. And the side effects became the catalyst for my journey of skincare discovery, inspiring my late sister Rebecca Sonkey and I to learn more about my condition and how to take care of my skin. Working with several doctors, endocrinologists, dermatologists, chemists and others has helped me navigate this process. us on a daily basis.

Our products are paraben free, organic, vegan, made in America without steroids, hydroquinone or harmful chemicals.

* Kojic & Turmeric Brightening Facial Cleanser ($40/50ml) A lightly foaming cleanser developed to gently brighten skin, dissolving all makeup, water-resistant residue, unwanted oils and impurities without stripping oil natural to the skin.

* Kojic & Alpha Arbutin Brightening Cleanser ($40/50ml) The benefits of kojic acids are many, such as tones and corrects the skin as it improves the appearance of dull skin, dark spots, age spots and blemishes. sun-damaged skin.

* Kojic, Collagen and Arbutin Brightening Facial Serum (40ML/50$) Alpha Arbutin, Collagen and Kojic Acid are very effective in managing skin tone when combined . These ingredients are both powerful skin lighteners and are great for skin lightening. Heaven . They are a good option to help manage hyperpigmentation and effectively lighten and brighten the skin. This serum is pure heaven.

* Kojic Acid Dark Spot Interceptor ($75/30g) This paraben-free, gluten-free Kojic Acid Dark Spot Interceptor delivers the perfect amount of moisture as it intercepts and stops dark spots and blemishes. hyperpigmentation. This product is perfect for men, women and children over 13 years old. This product is formulated to target problem skin that has scars or dark spots. This kojic cream contains the perfect amount of kojic acid to use on all skin types. This cream contains kojic acid, licorice root extract as well as papaya extract to produce fast and effective results and give you back that glow.

* Kojic & Collagen Brightening Body Scrub ($60/200g)

* Kojic, Collagen & Alpha Arbutin Brightening Facial Scrub ($60/100ml) This scrub is made with the finest scrub particles to gently remove dead skin without damaging the skin. This scrub will restore luminosity to your face. time to shine

* Kojic & Collagen Body Lightening Cream ($250/200G)

* Kojic Face Brightening Moisturizer ($75/30g) A luxuriously firming moisturizer that nourishes and conditions the skin. this cream visibly improves firmness, elasticity, shine and radiance within days.

* Brightening mask with kojic acid, turmeric and collagen ($60/100ml)

* Brightening face mask with kojic acid, collagen and alpha arbutin ($60/100ml)

* Vitamin E Anti-Aging Brightening Serum ($70/40ml)

* Hyaluronic & Retinol Brightening Serum ($75/40ml) A lightweight, multi-molecular hyaluronic acid infused with retinol serum that delivers long-lasting hydration as it helps reduce dehydration and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while brightening skin .

For over 10 years, Whitenicious has been the world’s leading luxury beauty brand for skin lightening/toning/acne treatment that embodies beauty and glamor with a quintessential African American twist. Men and women looking for the best skin care turn to Whitenicious for quality, safety and most importantly, results. The brand is committed to keeping pace with consumer demands and expectations by continually taking innovation, science and creativity to new levels. With coveted and revered beauty products including the #1 smudge remover, the award-winning Dark Knuckles eraser pen that changed the self-esteem of many hands that were previously damaged by harmful chemicals, an advanced eraser and innovative for acne. products, caramel glow creams, lightening cream for intimate areas, hair regrowth products and much more, Whitenicious is committed to bringing beauty and innovation to the world. Whitenicious’ mission is to provide women and men with the most innovative and safest ingredients and the highest quality American products and services that fulfill their quest and enthusiasm for beauty and skincare. amazing skin at affordable rates.

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