Your ultimate beauty checklist for the holiday season

New Delhi: After the long lackluster period of the pandemic and lockdowns, we have to look forward to the festival season with impatience and enthusiasm. So obviously you want to look and feel better. Beauty regimes aren’t just for the skin, they de-stress and uplift your spirits. Get ready for the special celebrations of this festive season with the ultimate wellness and beauty checklist that will not only make you look beautiful on the outside, but also shine on the inside.

Rachit Gupta, Director, OxyGlow Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd, said: “Festivals are an opportunity to shine bright and invest in a proper wellness and beauty regimen from head to toe. The key is knowing which ingredients are right for you and choosing the brand that guarantees good quality products. Especially on the day and time when there is so much stress, pollution, sun damage, etc. You can’t go wrong with the beauty product they are using. The right products can release its true beauty and refresh it to be able to fully enjoy the festivities.

* Head measurement – The appearance of your hair makes a big difference in your overall look. But remember that a proper hair care regimen can relax and clear your mind. Start with a good oil massage that nourishes the hair and scalp. It throws off stress right away. Coconut oil, amla oil, argan oil and red onion oil are particularly recommended. Special occasions require special treatment, after a good hair wash, condition your hair deeply with a mask. A keratin hair mask works wonders in bringing your hair to life. Finish with a vitamin-enriched serum for shiny hair.

* No makeup can match the beauty and softness of a fresh face – Get rid of those tension and stressful lines on your skin with a well-balanced facial care routine. Start with a D-tan bleach to make your skin brighter. Follow up with a facial kit for cleansing, toning and hydration. The best face kits are those that contain activated charcoal or an acne treatment. Even a gold or diamond face kit works great. Cucumber toners are recommended. This routine would restore your glow and leave you looking radiant and pampered.

* Wink, pout and eyebrows – We often forget the little things like lips, eyelashes and eyebrows. Don’t underestimate their role in perfecting the look. A drizzle of castor oil massaged on the eyelashes and eyebrows would restore a natural glow. For a photo-ready pout, start with a natural lip scrub and apply lip balm to moisturize and protect.

* Body positivity – exfoliation, tones, polishes and moisturizes for glowing skin. You can never go wrong moisturizing the skin with body lotions made from shea butter and aloe vera.

* Happy hands and feet – a good manicure and pedicure that massages the tension leaving the hands and feet soothed are a must on the list. Go for products that contain vitamin E, vitamin C, and aloe vera. They reduce fine lines, treat sun damage, and rehydrate for younger-looking skin.

* Beautiful nails do not happen by chance –
beautiful nails add liveliness, they enhance the look of your outfit as much as the right accessories. Shape them and feed them. Paint them bold or paint them chic to suit your personality.

Right before the holiday season, we pay attention to our beauty wellness, but the best practice is to include the things that suit you into your lifestyle. It is important to repair and rejuvenate to stay well and feel good. So take care of yourself with simple diets and good quality products.

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